Let’s Get Naked

by Robin Harris, A Conscious Connection

Conscious Awakening a blog Let's get Naked by Robin Harris - A Conscious Connection

Are we becoming one big nudist colony?  I hope so….let’s get truly naked world! Wait! Before you join the party throwing off your clothes and running into the street let me explain what I mean by getting naked as it goes waaay beyond our clothing. 

Fear is at an all time high in our world right now and I believe it has a lot to do with the shift in consciousness that’s occurring.  This shift is bringing to light the truth of who we really are as individuals, highlighting all the masks that people have been hiding behind.  People are publicly stating their hate, judgments, and pain.  Others are publicly sharing their love, compassion, and hope for the planet and the beings upon it.  Even in the so called spiritual or new age circles of the past few decades, their masks are also starting to drop revealing those that truly act from love for themselves and others, and those that have been portraying to do so but really are still motivated by the need for power and control.  Basically no matter what clothes you have been wearing, what masks you’ve been adorning, what houses or communities you’ve been hiding in, they are all falling away.  All I can say is finally!!! Let’s get real folks!

For many this time is very alarming.  The shakeup that’s happening on the planet right now is triggering a lot of fear and hopelessness in people because it’s causing us to truly see ourselves, shadows and all, AND see others including their shadows that were carefully cloaked previously.  This is bringing up questions of who am I, who are you, and how do we fit in this world together.  What is the truth? 

For those willing to work thru any remaining shadows, drop any untrue roles and personalities, and spiral up to higher vibrational living, this is a time of opportunity and hope for a better future.  For those stuck in dark stories and shadows, flinging judgement on themselves and others, spiraling downward into deeper density living, this is a time of pain, hopeless and fear.   We are seeing this impact play out in the increasing numbers of suicides, terrorist attacks, and social injustices. 

So what can we do?  Choose to get naked.  Choose to heal any remaining shadows or dark stories in your past.  Choose to spiral towards the light.  Join with a family, friends and community that support this mission as you’ll go farther by joining together.  Choose to help lift this world up and embrace the beautiful, joyous, abundance that’s awaiting. Choose to live your truth.