Change your experience of life through Neurographic Art

--> Break Free of Limitations

--> Shift Past Old Patterns & Beliefs

--> Draw in Abundant Resources

--> Reach Your Goals

with this groundbreaking art therapy technique.

2 hours of drawing could change your life!

No drawing experience needed.

Your Neural Network

Neurons (or nerve cells) are the information processing units of the brain responsible for sending, receiving, and transmitting electrochemical signals throughout the body. You have billions of neurons and the connections they make are responsible for what you believe, the actions you take, and what you create in your life.  If you want to change your experience you must make new connections and strengthen them so that the old way of believing or doing no longer is the driving force. The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections is called neuroplasticity.  

If you don't have what you want, you may need more neural connections.

You can make new make new neural connections through learning or experience or even following injury.  Two things are key:

Strength of Emotions

# of Repetitions

How Neurographic Art Works

It helps you to tap into your emotions and repeatedly draw new neural connections through the act of drawing specific algorithms.  This groundbreaking art therapy technique called Neurographics was coined by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev in 2014, and is backed by the latest research in neuroplasticity, mirror neuron behavior, psycho-cybernetics, psychology,  neurophysiology, and sociology.  The process taps into the subconscious and even unconscious layers of the mind as we work with the ego self, our relationship with society, archetypal energies, and source field energy through drawing.  

By creating the neural pathways of your dreams, you can manifest them faster.

Neurographic Class Schedule (Online)

April 11th - Recording

Neurographics Art Class - Algorithm 1 - Release limitations blocking your dream life

Neurographics Art Class - Algorithm 1 - Release limitations blocking your dream life


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April 18th - Live Online

Neurographics Art Class - Algorithm 2 - Motivation towards New Beginning Dreams

Neurographics Art Class - Algorithm 2 - Motivation towards New Beginning Dreams


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April 25th - Live Online

Neurographics Art Class - Algorithm 3 - Calling in Resources to Support your Dreams

Neurographics Art Class - Algorithm 3 - Calling in Resources to Support your Dreams


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Classes will be held over Zoom video from 6-8pm Mountain Time.  

Sessions will be recorded and access given to registered participants for 30 days post the event.

Register for 3 part series for only $79

*April weekend intensive workshop registrants and PATH members receive get 30% off neurographics classes in same month.  For more info on Dreaming New Beginnings into Reality workshop event Click Here.

By the end of this 3 part series you will

  • Reprogram your mind to align with your dreams by making new neural connections.
  • Release tension and worry caused by inner conflict.
  • Generate motivation to go after your dreams.
  • Open the pathway to receive support with your dreams manifesting.
  • Learn more about your self and gain new insights.

Commonly Asked Questions

No.  The focus is on the process and personal transformation, not whether you create a beautiful masterpiece.  Neurographics is accessible for people of all levels of artistic ability.

It depends on the topic you are drawing on and your level of readiness for transformation.  Some people can see shifts after one drawing.  Other people may need to do several drawings and algorithms before seeing changes.  Once you have created enough neural connections, you will start to see results.

Well that is a limited belief you can even use Neurograhics to shift! My instructor has worked with hundreds of thousands of people who have achieved amazing results using this method.  I personally felt shifts happening with my very first drawing and those I have shared this method with were also surprised at how effectively it can open up the subconscious and tap into feelings and somatic responses.  Give it a try and see for yourself.

Yes, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the classes.  If you are unable to attend the class live, you may email your questions.

You will need a couple sheets of white 8.5″x11″ paper or a drawing book. I like using a black gel ink fine point pen and also have a medium point black marker on hand for making thicker lines.  You will also want to have some colored pencils, crayons, highlighters or markers. (your choice)  I tend to switch it up depending on my drawing or feeling for the day. Sometimes I want the boldness of markers and other times pencil crayon shades seem more appropriate.

Neurographics is great for any ages – teens to seniors.  I would recommend that children draw under the supervision of an adult as the process can open up thoughts and feelings they may need support handling.

Contact us with any questions at robin@aconsciousconnection.com or call +1 403-237-9784

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