Upcoming Events for 2023

Each month, we explore the collective energy of humanity and what’s arising for us to heal and shift next. Then aligning with the rhythms of the Earth and the cosmic shifts affecting our healing and awakening process, we create powerful transformation workshops to help you on your path. Here’s what’s coming up next:

  • Apr 15-16 Breaking Thru – Stop Repeating Undesirable Cycles (details will be posted soon)

  • May 13-14 Blessings of Blossoming – Sharing Your Gifts Authentically (details will be posted soon)

  • More to come…

Special Notice –

These weekend events are part of the Walking the P.A.T.H comprehensive 9-month online and in-person program that allows participants to deepen their journey into purpose, awareness, truth and healing.  You do not need to be a P.A.T.H member in order to attend these workshop.  To find out more about Walking the P.A.T.H click here.

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