Upcoming Events for 2023/2024

Each month, we explore the collective energy of humanity and what’s arising for us to heal and shift next. Then aligning with the rhythms of the Earth and the cosmic shifts affecting our healing and awakening process, we create powerful transformation workshops to help you on your path. Here’s what’s coming up next:

Oct 14 – 15th, 2023      Your Multi Dimensional Life – Walk beyond the limitations of the physical perspective of life to see you are an energy being, a light being and a spiritual being having a Human experience of Earth and elsewhere. >>CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS

Nov 18 – 19th, 2023     Peaceful Strength Supercharged – Be that calming force of strength even when life is challenging you and those around you to crumble. Life is full of pressures. Let it reveal your diamond nature as a sparkling spirit that cannot be dimmed.

Dec 9 – 10th, 2023        Deeping Relationships with Self & Others – Meaningful, authentic relationships come from being able to know yourself truly and connecting with others from that place. Explore the joy of being able to connect deeply and freely with others as your authentic self expression.

Jan 20 – 21st, 2024       Choosing Life as a Sacred Walk – Treating life like something to endure without deeper meaning will create a life that is challenging and lacking.  Expand your awareness to see the sacredness of all life is offering each and every day.

Feb 24 – 25th, 2024      You are the One you’re Looking for  – The love we seek from others is also the love we must learn to cultivate within our ourselves so that our relationships mutually raise each up rather than deplete each other’s energy.

Mar 23 – 24th, 2024     New Perspectives & Connections – Getting unstuck from limitations and lifting the veil to really seeing what or who is calling you forward next.

Apr 20 – 21st, 2024      Dreaming New Beginnings into Reality – Bringing soul dreams into practical reality is a step many people fear or are unsure how to realize.  This can leave you feeling a little sad, disappointed, and unfulfilled with life.

May 25 – 26th, 2024    Divine Connections and Confident Choices – Consciously using your guides, angels, ancestors, and other divine beings as guiding mentors on your path through life makes choices easier and the flow a lot more fun.

Note: Some of the workshop focuses above may change closer to the dates. This will only happen in efforts to better align with the collective energy as it shifts with local and global events. Our aim is to make each workshop most relevant as possible for you.

Special Notice –

Many of these weekend events are part of the Walking the P.A.T.H comprehensive 9-month online and in-person program that allows participants to deepen their journey into purpose, awareness, truth and healing.  You do not need to be a P.A.T.H member in order to attend these workshop.  To find out more about Walking the P.A.T.H click here.

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