Restoring Your Resilience – June 11-12th, 2022 Calgary, AB

A 2 day in-person immersion experience to find and strengthen your center point. Maintain balance, power, and connection even in times of conflict, change, or chaos.  Feel empowered to live in more peace, love, and harmony as your natural state of being.

Did you know that your internal state dictates your external experience? 

For example, if you are feeling angry or anxious, or if you distrust or judge others, or if you overindulge or mistreat yourself – you are sending out ripples of vibration attracting people, situations, and experiences mirroring those very things back to you. 

If you want to change your experience in life, change yourself.

Hermetic Principle:

As above, so below.

As within, so without.

A lot of things rely on us to be in our strength.

Our families, our jobs, our businesses, our friends, our communities.  To be in our strength, we must know our center point.  A place of power within that reaches both deep to the earth and extends far into the heavens.  It is from this point we can source all the energy we need, call in all the wisdom we require, and create a balance of being even within the most challenging situations.

To move thru any change, and definitely through these times of chaos, we need to know how to cultivate our ability to be in balance and maintain a strong point of center.  Without this, we will get pulled into other people’s drama, succumb to bumpy waves in our jobs and businesses, and likely experience a lot of heartache from challenges in our relationships. 

Within our center is where peace lies.  Its where love resides.  Its where joy sits.  It’s our most powerful state of truth.  Our soul state.  If this path to our center is strong enough, even when we are required to navigate a conflict or manage business or life difficulty, there is a deep part within that is supporting our quick return to ease and grace.  When connected to this power center, it feels like there is always a deep-rooted knowing that everything is ok, and all is working out perfectly regardless of what the outside circumstances may look like.

Imagine a large tree in the wind…

It has deep roots and tall branches held together by a strong trunk, it’s center point of resiliency.  And this trunk knows how to stay stable yet bend and sway as necessary to remain in rhythm with the changes of its environment.  Without its trunk this tree could not reach the heavens and the earth.  It would not be able to hold energy and nourishment to grow and change.  It would not be able to hold the weight of other animals that choose to climb it, the humans that want to hug it, the birds that want to nest in it.

How strong is your core, your central channel, your connection collection point?

It’s not about more control.

Some programs focus on helping people get more control over their life.  On the surface that may sound like a good thing, but here’s the secret to a life of ease and grace:  it’s not about getting more control, it’s about learning to be in the flow with your life.  This requires being in connection to yourself, to your environment, and making conscious choices from an empowered state of being.   This is what we will be focused on helping you achieve over the weekend.

Over the 2-days, you will experience an intuitively crafted array of knowledge, principles, practices, tools and exercises to help you find your center point and restore resilience in your life:

  • Experience your deep connection to the Earth
  • Allow the Heavens to expand your consciousness
  • Return to your natural empowered soul state
  • Let go of the ties that bind you to drama and chaos
  • Strengthen your energy fields
  • Release from past life karma that keeps you repeating undesirable patterns
  • Connect to Spirit and call in healing, wisdom and guidance
  • Deepen your relationship with nature (the trees, the rocks, the soil, the birds & other animals)
  • Create new relationships forged in love, compassion, and acceptance
  • Learn how to navigate challenging situations and relationships with more ease & grace
  • Find your center point of strength and cultivate its power
  • Process emotions that are pulling you off center and disturbing your peace
  • Disarm triggers by seeing the mirror they hold for healing within yourself

“Wow! Robin’s workshop was powerful, transformative, playful and real.”


During the weekend you will have the opportunity to participate individually, in pairs, and as a collective group.

As a group we will build a strong safe energetic foundation deeply connected to the earth and the cosmos to support individual and collective transformation.  When people come together with intention, the power of the group can help achieve miracles that individually we may struggle with manifesting.  This is an opportunity to process emotions and experiences, transform situations, do deep inquiry, tune in, tune up, and meditate, join in fun, creative, experiential exercises, connect with others and with nature, and enjoy body movement as a way to release and enliven.

“The shift of awareness and healing of past perceptions truly helped me step into an ability I was anxious about and stalled for the next step. I am so grateful. It was an insightful and transformational weekend.”

~ Kim

Resiliency Research

Resiliency is the ability to cope with adversity.  As Brene Brown says, if you lack resilience, living wholeheartedly may be more difficult. You may be more vulnerable to threats to your worthiness. Any trauma or struggle can negatively impact how you feel about yourself. If you can’t learn from and rise above those struggles, you’re in danger of feeling that you’re not worthy of a different, happier life.

How capable we are in adapting to life challenges such as illness, trauma, relationship problems, workplace issues, and financial stressors is a measure of our resilience.  As human beings on this planet, we will encounter some, many, or all these things.  So, it’s important to learn how to become more resilient so we can live a fulfilling life.

You might think if your mother or father wasn’t very resilient then you won’t be either, but research shows resiliency is less about your biology and more about psychology.  It has also shown a positive connection between spirituality and resilience. Spirituality being defined as the concern of human spirit, the soul, the sacred, as opposed to material or physical things. Spiritual-minded people tend to be more resilient.

Over this weekend, shift to feeling…

  • —–Strong—–Supported—–Empowered—–In the flow—–Confident—–Inspired—–Connected—–Resourceful

This immersion event is for you if

  • Life keeps pulling you off balance and you want to learn to be in more harmony and peace even in challenging times
  • You seek truth and reconnection to a deeper part of your soul
  • You want richer, more meaningful connection with others and the environment in which you live
  • You desire to embrace and share your authentic self in a safe and supportive environment
  • You’re wanting to boost your aliveness and sense of wellbeing
  • You’re open to exploring things like archetypes, shadows, past lives, energy flow, and Spirit, belief systems, emotions, truth, and connection.
  • Must be 18+ years of age

This is not an event for you if

  • You don’t like participating in experiential learning
  • You’re just seeking entertainment for the weekend
  • You’re not ready to engage in a mask free environment with others

Your Host, Guide, Coach, Facilitator – Robin Harris

Robin’s system of transformation focuses on continuously making a conscious connection to who you are, in relation to others, and to the environment in which you exist.  Expansion to higher realms, other dimensions, connection to intuitive gifts and Spirit is only helpful if you learn how to use it in your physical life.  After all you came here to experience life on Earth in this body, at this time.  It is a principle she lives as a successful navigator of her own spiritual awakening while working a demanding corporate career and now as a thriving entrepreneur. She is an experienced leader, facilitator, mentor, coach, channel, and intuitive guide with decades of study in psychology, shamanism, energy medicine, quantum science, and other ancient healing arts.  The techniques she uses in group events stem from this vast knowledge and personal experience in uncovering her own soul truth and opening to gifts she is called to share with others.

“Robin is a natural born leader. She is both grounded into Mother Earth and connected with the Divine. She exudes light and joy and peace. Her intuition is strong and she is able to shift people in positive and powerful ways.”


Event Details

DATE: Saturday, June 11 & Sunday, June 12th, 2022

PLACE: Wildwood Community Center – Large Hall

ADDRESS: 4411 Spruce Dr SW, Calgary AB

TIME: 9:45 am – 5:00 pm

Water, Coffee, Tea will be provided. 

We will break for lunch. (Not provided.)

There are lots of restaurants and fast food in the area. 

Or bring your own.

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Restoring Your Resilience Immersion Event

Restoring Your Resilience Immersion Event


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“Do not judge me by my successes. Judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”

– Nelson Mandela