Upcoming Events for 2024

Each month, we explore the collective energy of humanity and what’s arising for us to heal and shift next. Then aligning with the rhythms of the Earth and the cosmic shifts affecting our healing and awakening process, we create powerful transformation workshops to help you on your path. Here’s what’s coming up next:

July 20-21st* – Past Lives & Pyramid Power – Tap into the energy influencing your life whether it’s other lifetimes or unseen forces and discover how to use it to grow, heal, and awaken. (space is very limited for this one – >> CLICK HERE for more info & to REGISTER<<

*NEW – Join for Saturday only or deep dive for the whole weekend!

August 24-25th* – Healing the Wounded Masculine & Feminine Within – Open to the sweetness of true partnership of the masculine and feminine within and begin to deepen your relationship with others from a space of wholeness. >> CLICK HERE for more info & to REGISTER<<

9 Month Program (Sept 2024- May 2025) – Workshops below are included in the program but can also be attended separately.


September 21-22nd – Getting Unstuck and Back on Your P.A.T.H.

October 26 – 27th – Relationship Recovery & Reconnection

November 23 – 24th – Using Boundaries not Barriers

December 7- 8th – Reclaim Your Sacredness


January 11- 12th – Freeing Yourself Thru Forgiveness & Healing the Heart

February 8-9th – Level Up Your Communication

March 15 – 16th – Topic will be announced soon

April 12- 13th – Topic will be announced soon

* Additional dates for 2025 coming soon.

Note: Some of the workshop topics above may change closer to the dates. This will only happen in efforts to better align with the collective energy as it shifts with local and global events. Our aim is to make each workshop most relevant as possible for you.

Special Notice –

Many of these weekend events are part of the Walking the P.A.T.H comprehensive 9-month online and in-person program that allows participants to deepen their journey into purpose, awareness, truth and healing.  You do not need to be a P.A.T.H member in order to attend these workshop.  To find out more about Walking the P.A.T.H click here.

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“Wow! Robin’s workshop was powerful, transformative, playful and real. Robin is able to hold sacred space and powerfully lead the group through innovative games of  self discovery.  Her ability to hone in on your  blocks and resistances are laser sharp and she supports you in every way to move through these with ease and grace.  You will find Robin to be a unique leader who has a masterful presence, powerful, energetic charisma and who will move you forward on your path of transformation.” ~ GilliAn