The ACC Ethos System

The Conscious Connection Ethos System is a labyrinth, always leading you back home. A place of being in your heart and in the heart of life itself.

As you move through your self discovery and awakening journey, you will shift from an experience of duality to that of oneness. Initially through walking the path and illuminating your personal leadership you will find love, calm, beauty, balance, honesty and happiness as your state of experience. Overtime, as you shift into the experience of oneness, you will find love becomes ecstasy, calm becomes peace, beauty becomes radiance, balance become harmony, honesty becomes truth, and happiness becomes joy.

We wish you many blessings on your journey and invite you to join our conscious community and the soul living movement.

With kindness,


Walking the P.A.T.H – Purpose. Awareness. Truth. Healing

  • Registration open for 2023-2024 program >>More Info<<
  • Online & In-person

Illuminated You – Embracing Personal Leadership

  • Opening for registration 2023
  • Application required
  • Pre-requisite is completion of 9-month Walking the P.A.T.H (or equivalent experience)
  • Limited to 12 people

Modern Mystic Mastery – Awakening Oneness

  • Opening for registration TDB
  • Application required
  • Pre-requisite is Walking the P.A.T.H & Illuminated You completion (or equivalent experience)
  • Limited to 12 people

The Way of the Teacher – Teacher Training Certification

  • Date TBD

See more about the programs, events, and services for more details.