Walking the P.A.T.H.

A 9-month transformation program to clarify your purpose, expand your awareness, uncover your truth, and receive healing for yourself, your relationships, and your most joyous life now.

Your Personal invitation to the P.A.T.H.

Dear Awakening Soul,

Your days of feeling like you’re on your own as you..

  • explore your purpose and the gifts you’re meant to share
  • discover the truth and the mysterious of this multidimensional universe
  • navigate evolving and challenging relationships
  • heal pain and trauma whether emotional, mental, or physical
  • release lifetimes of karma and limiting experience
  • ride through turbulent emotional waters

…are over.  I got you.  We got you.  Let’s do it together.

Maybe you didn’t get the long-term transformation you wanted from the last workshop you attended or the last course you took or the last coaching session you did.  Honestly, you can’t expect years and sometimes lifetimes of being and living a certain way to unwind in a couple of hours.  It’s a process of deepening through layers of limitations and pain as the softening of each opening allows.  And if you’re ready for this deeper work then a comprehensive program like Walking the PATH may be exactly what you need.

Be assured that in joining us you will experience many highs but also many lows as you dig deep into all that needs to be uncovered and healed.  It will take courage and discipline to show up especially when you’re tired from work or your schedule is full with the kid’s activities. And especially when you’re feeling resistant to explore a sensitive topic or really need to face the mirror of your authentic self.  It’s a path of responsibility and taking ownership for the life you’re creating.

You will also experience an influx of love and feelings of happiness.  You’ll reap the rewards of better relationships, and an ability to navigate challenging emotions and experiences.  Expect synchronicities and magical moments to increase.  You may receive mental, physical and spiritual healing. You’ll gain confidence in your gifts and your purpose in this life.  You’ll feel support in person and in spirit.

If this is where you’re at then I welcome you to join us.  But if you’re unsure, please contact me and let’s have an honest chat about whether it’s the right time for you to join.

In Conscious Connection and with the sincerest of heart,


“The most altruistic path one can take is walking into your own heart.” – Robin Harris

The Wake Up. Shake Up.

As the consciousness of the Earth shifted to a higher level this past decade, it created great disturbances in the collective field.  Old systems of beliefs are being challenged, outdated patriarchal structures are collapsing, hidden secrets are being revealed, truths are being exposed, and individually people are awakening at a more rapid rate than ever before. 

In the past people typically had to feel a deep calling to lead a spiritual path of personal awakening but now people are being shook awake whether they are ready or not.  

It is why we have such a crisis of people leaving their jobs to find more meaning and purpose in what they do. 

It’s why you’ve probably also been wanting deeper more meaningful relationships.  

It’s why the younger generations are coming in woke.  

It’s why people are becoming aware of their energy bodies, their psychic and intuitive abilities, the power to manifest, and other amazing gifts. 

We are being pulled to level up and come back into harmony with the earth’s consciousness as she has shifted before us and is calling her children to join her now.  If you are resisting these ascension symptoms or ignoring your soul’s pull, life will feel difficult.

The other challenge with this rapid awakening is that we don’t yet have the new structures in place to support the masses of people being affected.  It’s why we created The Conscious Connection Ethos System.

The Conscious Connection Ethos System is a series of multi-month programs to support our community members as they move through various stages and focus on their healing and awakening journey.  

It is modelled on a labyrinth, which flows you through a winding path, continuously flirting with the heart center core and never leaving you stranded at a dead-end like a maze will do.  You are not a mouse in a maze as some sort of cosmic experiment.  You are a soul on a labyrinth journey leading you back home into the heart of All.

Walking the P.A.T.H. program is the entry point of this ethos system.  This path is about clarifying your Purpose, expanding your Awareness, uncovering your Truth, and receiving Healing for yourself, your relationships, and your most joyous life now.

What is the P.A.T.H.?

Walking the P.A.T.H.  stands for Purpose, Awareness, Truth and Healing. 

This program will allow you to look deep into your soul and discover what you are meant to be, do, have and how you are meant to impact others and the world around you.

It will give you direction on what steps you need to take next.  

It will support you not only transforming those things that are limiting your life experience but support lasting change in your health & wellbeing, your relationships, and ability to attract an abundantly fulfilling life.  

It offers you support and soul community on your self-discovery journey.

This program is for those awakening souls looking to live with meaningful purpose, conscious awareness, authentic truth, and recognize that healing must take place in body, mind and soul to rise to the next level of your soul journey.

What make this program unique is the way its structured and supported.  It contains both live in person psycho-spiritual weekend immersion events, and live group online coaching and mentoring.  It’s also backed by a wealth of foundational material and channeled downloads to support the necessary cognitive shifts.  Robin will primarily lead all the events however you will be held by an experienced field of support in person and in spirit. Periodically other key leaders may be invited to share their wisdom, healing, and other gifts as suitable to the group focus.


Robin will employ her Intentional Release Method throughout the program. You will find what’s really
needing to shift, feel into what’s needing to felt, forgive self and others, let go of all that’s no longer serving, and let love back into your being to heal and uplift. Her method may incorporate techniques like child-self integration, past life access, ancestral work, shadow & archetypes, embodiment &
movement practices, spiritual connection, meditation, nature immersion, or sound therapy when suitable.  Robin works highly intuitively and in flow with the needs of the individual, the group, and the space in order to access and achieve transformation.

Is the Effort Worth it?

Our clients come from all walks of life.  They are business owners, corporate leaders, trades people, psychologists, counsellors, nurses, midwives, artists, and other healers.  Some are parents, grandparents, and most have a deep appreciation for animals and this planet.  They have non-religious and religious upbringing.  Some come from indigenous backgrounds.  Some already have spiritual practices and others are just opening to them.  The common thread is the desire to live an authentic, soul infused life, and experience the health, happiness, and freedom it brings.

Several of our clients make the effort to drive 2, 3, even 9 hours to attend our in person events because they understand the value of personal transformation and their lives are reaping the benefits of their commit.  And those even further away like in eastern Canada, the UK or Australia for example, are getting on Zoom calls at not always ideal times of day for the same reason.

So what’s happening for them?

Julie*, a corporate manager from Toronto, has completely shifted her perspective of life and her power to create it. She had been feeling rather stuck in a job that wasn’t fulfilling like it used to be and was finding communication in her relationships strained. She often felt misunderstood. Over time she uncovered she was being misunderstood because she was misunderstanding herself. And the deadness of energy in her job was a symptom of her soul calling for more alignment. Doing the inner awareness work and shifting how she sees and interacts with the world, has improved her relationships, and untangled her identity to her job opening the door to new opportunities to earn money more in alignment with her soul’s calling. This is a great example of opening to Purpose and Awareness on the P.A.T.H.

Ted* realized a lot of the struggle in his life is because he’s still acting out unhealed ancestral wounds and family patterns of behavior that have been influencing him through his subconscious. And because these were so strong, they overshadowed the gifted healer that lies within him. But because of his commitment to do the work and show up even when its hard or costly, he was able to open to and share his gifts of healing with others at a weekend workshop event. One of the recipients of this energy reported healing to their kidneys and for another it energetically opened her feminine side and ability to receive healing for her body and mind which have been locked in disease for many years. This is a great example of how doing the work on the P.A.T.H. can bring truth and healing forward.

*names changed to protect identity

These are just two of many examples of what is possible when you choose to walk this path.

What kind of transformation can you expect?

  • Create an open and honest relationship with yourself and others. When we learn how to communicate authentically, take responsibility for our own unhealed projections, and lead with compassion and an open heart, it allows for more intimate and healthy relationships with others.
  • Feel empowered to walk with confidence on your soul path and embrace the gifts you are meant to share with others. It is through this seeing yourself fully, and truly being seen and heard by others, that we can blossom into the complete expression of our true self and know that our existence matters.
  • Escape the trappings of the ego mind, the blocks of unresolved emotions, and the limitations of our physical manifestations to expand your spiritual experience.  Know you are a soul having a human life and it is one that can be brimming with health, happiness, love and abundant goodness.  Become the creator of the life you were meant to live and gain the power of conscious choice.
  • Develop your intuitive connection to Source, Spirit, and Mother Earth. Learn to trust your inner guidance so that you can walk through life with more ease, flow, and purposefully direction. Live with passion, vibrancy, full of heart, and inspired action.
  • Learn the power of forgiveness of yourself and others. Surrender grievances that keep you stuck and allow divine radiance to heal your trauma and pain of this life and that caused by inherited ancestral pain or past life core wounds.
  • Nurture and befriend your inner child selves and welcome back all parts of yourself that have been fractured or hiding. Feel the energy and vibrancy of being whole again.
  • Invite your true masculine and true feminine energy back into harmony. Experience the depths of connection and the rich abundance that manifest from a place of harmonious partnership within and with others.
  • Shine light on those shadow parts of your psyche that lower your vibration and limit your experience in life. Through dissolving your shadows and integrating your positive archetypes within, you will take the limiters off your life and embody the inner strength to overcome obstacles and those fears that dampen your experience and shackle your freedom.

Who it’s for?

So maybe you’ve sat in therapy sessions, gone to big motivational speakers, took mediation and yoga classes.  

You might have been to other workshops or sharing circles and got some relief or new perspective but it didn’t stick. 

Maybe you blame yourself like you’ll never ‘get it’ or worse like ‘you’re beyond fixing’.  Maybe you blame others that you think failed you on the journey.  

Your biggest fear is nothing will take you beyond the struggle you feel now and you worry your life will be an insignificant blip without making any real meaningful impact. 

You don’t want to fail your family, yourself, and certainly not God or the Universal Creator that sent you on this mission.

  • This program is for individuals who are ready to make positive transformations in their health and wellness, relationships, money & success, and spiritual advancement.
  • If you’re finally tired of self-sabotaging, if you’re ready to know and accept your authentic self, and you’re willing to put in the work to shift out of what’s no longer supporting you and embrace the truth that’s waiting, then this program may be for you.
  • The level of support is high and the community that develops will be strong so there’s not a lot of room to fall off the tracks or let the ego take the reins between touch points. That being said, it is a requirement that you take full responsibility of your experience and the outcomes you create.
  • Oh and you must like to have fun because we will do a lot of that over our time together.

Program runs 9 months in 2 semesters Sept to Dec & Jan to May

Enrollment opens at the beginning of each semester: Sept/Oct and Jan/Feb

Walking the P.A.T.H Program Includes:

(Online Only & Hybrid Program Options further below on this page)

  • 9 In-person Weekend (Sat-Sun) Workshops (1 each month Sept-May located in Calgary, AB)
    • Sept 17-18th Accepting Abundance as your Natural State
    • Oct 15-16th   Releasing Fear and Stepping into your Gifts
    • Nov 12-13th  Soul Connections – Creating Depth in your Relationships
    • Dec 10-11th  Divine Downloads and Charging Your Intuitive Power
    • Jan 21-22th   New Beginnings – Owning Your Creation Powers
    • Feb 18-19th  Universal Heart of Truth
    • Mar 18-19th  Soul Self Sovereignty  
    • Apr 15-16th   Breaking Thru – Emerging Wholeness
    • May 13-14     The Blessings of Blossoming
    • (Can’t make some of these dates? Don’t worry, you’ve got options – see FAQs)
  • 18 Bi-weekly live group coaching/mentoring sessions (2 online Zoom videos per month)
  • Monthly Learning Modules (online & mobile friendly viewing). Topics may include but aren’t limited to:
    • Knowing the mind (subconscious, collective unconscious, neuropathways)
    • Science of Energy (chakras, heart fields, auras and other energy bodies)
    • Relationship Dynamics
    • Understanding Co-dependency (Relationship Fusion)
    • Family Roles and Healing Opportunities
    • Effective Communication and Projections
    • Masculine and Feminine Energy Re-Balance
    • Soul Excavating
    • Archetypes and Shadows
    • Past Lives/Karma
    • Grounding Essentials (containment & clearing)
    • Guides, Angels and Energy Beings
    • Mending the relationship of Spirituality and Religion
    • Understanding and Working with Ego Personalities
    • Practice and Discipline on Your Path
    • Inner Child Parenting and Integration
    • Sound and Vibration Healing
    • Science of Spirit
  • Personal 30 min intro call with Robin to set the tone and intention for your path (Zoom meeting)
  • Path Community access thru Private group online platform to share with and support each other between sessions
  • Certificate of completion (after all 9 months completed)


  • One – ‘bring a friend for free’ weekend workshop pass
  • Surprise guest teachings

Meet Your P.A.T.H. Guide - Robin Harris

Before founding A Conscious Connection, I worked in small business to Fortune 500 corporate spanning retail, manufacturing, and financial sectors.  I led small and nationwide sales teams, managed global sales enablement efforts, trained, coached, and mentored individuals and groups.  I’m a University of Calgary Business graduate; Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC); Insight Counseling & Training graduate and former Senior Group Leader for Destiny Program.  I have decades of self-development, leadership, and sales training. 

I’ve studied various energy and vibrational healing modalities. I’m a student of qigong, a gifted energy and light code channel, and a practiced intuitive guide. My deep exploration into personal truth led me all over the world receiving training, sharing, healing and guidance from indigenous, shamanic, self development, spiritual, and business leaders.  And all of that has granted me a proven ability to operate successfully in the business world while maintaining a deep connection to the larger flow of universal consciousness. I’m passionate in helping others navigate similar work/soul waters.

As an soul-empowerment coach, spiritual guide, intuitive channel, and wisdom holder my life is devoted to helping others call in their healing, to reveal the truth of their soul, and embrace their own gifts in service of others.  I seek to normalize the mystical and demystify the spiritual as it is not just for religious devotees, committed yogis, or new age gurus.  Heaven on Earth is available for all those who earnestly seek it and even to those, like me, who don’t realize that is what they are looking for as they journey through their own self development personally and professionally.

We are in a time where chaos is abundant, safety and security are challenged, and mental and spiritual dis-ease are at an all-time crisis point, it is my soul service calling to do what I can to help humanity transition into a more harmonious state of being.  Each person that does this personal transformation work, not only improves their own lives but impacts their family, their workplaces, and communities.  This is how I truly believe we can create a better life on Earth whether that means saving our forests, improving our education systems, or overhauling our health care.  It all starts with shifting the minds and healing the hearts of those leading the way in the critical efforts that form our communities and cultures.

“Wow! Robin’s workshop was powerful, transformative, playful and real. Robin is able to hold sacred space and powerfully lead the group through innovative games of  self discovery.  Her ability to hone in on your  blocks and resistances are laser sharp and she supports you in every way to move through these with ease and grace.  You will find Robin to be a unique leader who has a masterful presence, powerful, energetic charisma and who will move you forward on your path of transformation.” ~ GilliAn

Are you ready to enter the P.A.T.H.?

Join the Full 9-Month program now. (best deal)

 Pay in one easy single payment option of $4999:

Walking the PATH - full 9 months

Walking the PATH - full 9 months


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Payment in 9 monthly installments of $555/month:

Walking the PATH - Monthly Plan


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or Join by semester (Jan- May) currently open:

Pay in one easy single payment option of $2900

Walking the PATH (Jan - May)

Walking the PATH (Jan - May)


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Walking the PATH (Jan-May)


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Can’t make the in-person events? Check out the ONLINE ONLY option below.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We work hard to put together programs of value and impact for those who choose to participate fully. If you’ve taken the time to read through this entire offer and your heart is nudging you to join us, then we are so excited to share this program with you. And we understand this is a serious commitment so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason in the first 30 days, you may stop subsequent monthly payments or we will refund the balance of any months remaining if program was paid in full.

“The shift of awareness and healing of past perceptions truly helped me step into an ability I was anxious about and stalled for the next step.”  – KB

“I went to the workshop with a heavy heart and finished feeling relief and optimism. Money and time well spent.”   – Dorothy

“Every session I gained something new and valuable. In only a few months I’ve felt leaps and bounds of growth in areas I have been chronically stuck in my life.” – Tara


This program is designed to help you learn, grow, and transform physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We offer no guarantees to specific outcomes as all healing and transformation journeys take their own time and form.  Each person’s path is individual, and this program is meant to enhance and support you on your journey.  It is NOT designed to replace professional healthcare needs. You should feel free to use this program gracefully alongside whatever other healing modalities you choose.


  1. What if I miss a workshop?

You can make it up by attending a future one. (Must be used within 1 year)  Or you can transfer it into 1:1 coaching sessions with Robin.  Also see the Online Only program option below which will allow you to add in only those in-person workshops you can attend.

  1. What if I miss a coaching session?

All sessions will be recorded so you can review it later. (To protect the privacy of members, recordings are only available for the current program semester)

  1. Is this something I can attend with my spouse or other family members?

Absolutely, doing deep work with family and friends can strengthen and repair relationships plus create a deeper intimacy of communication. But only you know if you are ready to walk the path with them.

  1. What about confidentiality?

All participants are asked to take a vow of confidentiality. Anything personal discussed in the workshops or group coaching sessions are expected to be kept confidential.

  1. I’ve never done group work like this, what can I expect?  

We create safe, open, heart-based spaces so that you can share as much as you feel comfortable and open to receive the insight and healing available.  It is a place you can be your authentic self and find love, support and encouragement for doing so.  It is a standard grounding for the group to have compassion for self and others.  There will be times you will share with the facilitator directly, do self introspection, work with a partner, or play through exercises together as a group.  Transformational work can be deep and serious stuff so we always make sure to balance it with a healthy dose of fun.

     6. What if I can only do one semester right now?

One semester is a great start!  You never know what will shift in 4-5 months that could allow you to continue on with the next semester.  So why wait.

     7. What will we talk about in the group online coaching sessions?

This will be an opportunity for you to share how you are progressing in the program and in life.  You can share any ‘wins’ or any challenges you are currently experiencing.  You may also use this time to ask questions about the content module concepts or anything from the previous workshop experience you want clarification on.  Robin will be leading these sessions and is prepared to coach, mentor, or teach as required.  You may also have the opportunity to process things that are currently up for healing or illumination.  These sessions will flow with the specific needs of the group.

     8. When are the group online coaching sessions?

These will be set at the beginning of each semester with input from the registered participant’s availability to attend.  It is likely the times will alternate between a weekday late afternoon/evening and a weekend morning.

Online Only – Walking the P.A.T.H. member option

Some of our conscious community lives further away making it hard to attend every workshop weekend so we have added an online only option for them.  This package option gives you access to all the components of the full program (above) minus the in-person workshops.

  • 18 Bi-weekly live group coaching/mentoring sessions (2 online Zoom video per month)
  • Monthly Learning Modules (online & mobile friendly viewing)
  • Personal 30 min intro call with Robin to set the tone and intention (Zoom meeting)
  • Path Community access thru Private group online platform
  • Certificate of completion (after all 9 months completed)

Online PATH members can attend any of the in-person workshops for $350. (reg $ 397)

“We hear all the time that each challenge is an opportunity, but I never FELT it.  It never was in my subconsciousness.  It is now.  It is a tremendous feeling of being free and empowered and looking forward to challenges!” – Laura

Join the full 9 month online program now (best deal):

Pay in one easy single payment of $2000

Walking the Path (online) program

Walking the Path (online) program


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Walking the Path (online) program


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or Join by Semester – (Jan to May) currently open:

Pay in one single easy payment of $1165.

Walking the PATH (online) Jan-May

Walking the PATH (online) Jan-May


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OR Pay in 5 monthly installments of $233/month.

Walking the PATH (online) Jan - May


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Attending Ad Hoc Workshops

If you can’t commit to the program at this time or want to try out a workshop first before joining, anyone is welcome to join a weekend workshop event.  Click here to read the details about the upcoming events.

If you have any questions not answered on this page please contact Robin at 403-237-9784 or robin@aconsciousconnection.com

I hope to see you somewhere soon.  Join the Soul Living Movement on Facebook.

A Conscious Connection