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A Conscious Connection was born out of a knowing that we are the master creators of our lives and a recognition so few know how to live this way. We believe reclaiming your sovereignty and stepping into leadership of your life is the only way to find true success and fulfillment. You ARE a leader, whether your job title says it or not. Leadership isn’t about power and control, it’s about responsibility and inspiration.

We believe transformation starts with you. Whether you are ultimately looking to improve your business success, relationship coherence, personal well-being, or make some positive changes in your physical environment, health, or financial security. At the center of all those desires is you. We are passionate about uncovering the best version of you to shine a light on all areas of your life. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you start to achieve your goals when you consciously connect to yourself, to others, and in action.

Robin Harris
Transformational Coach & Workshop Leader Founder of A Conscious Connection

Robin’s Story

Robin Harris has worked in small business to Fortune 500 corporate spanning retail, manufacturing, and financial sectors.  She has led small and nationwide sales teams, managed global sales enablement efforts, trained, coached and mentored individuals and groups.  It was thru her own experience, Robin learned that work/life balance isn’t really the ultimate achievement, but rather living in full connection to your truth no matter if at work or home was the ultimate way to succeed. 

Her deep exploration into personal truth has led her all over the world receiving training, sharing, healing and guidance from indigenous, shamanic, self development, spiritual, and business leaders. Robin ‘walks the talk’. She has done decades of personal development releasing limiting beliefs, healing traumas, opening to the Divine flow, and creating a miraculous life.

She is a University of Calgary Business graduate; Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC); Insight Counselling & Training graduate (former Senior Group Leader for Destiny Program). She has been trained in many different self-development, leadership and sales methodologies. She is also studied in various energy and vibrational healing modalities. She is a student of qigong, a gifted energy and light code channel, and a practiced intuitive guide.

Robin’s journey has given her a unique ability to operate highly successfully in the business world while maintaining a deep connection to the larger flow of universal consciousness. It’s a blend that benefits both her business and personal clients globally. She has coached people in nearly a dozen different countries. Language: English. It is her deepest wish to help set you free.

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