The Intentional Release Method™

What is it

A conscious way to process and release emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that keep you stuck in undesirable vibrations of being and patterns of behaviour that are limiting your joyous expansiveness in relationships, work, money, health, wellness, and spiritual advancement.

This method was developed by Robin Harris after years of her own healing journey and using these principal steps to support others.  She noticed that when any of these steps were missed or used at the incorrect time, the transformation wasn’t as powerful.  Her desire to help others achieve meaningful and lasting shifts was the catalyst for the Intentional Release Method’s development.

How is it different

Combines a psychological and spiritual approach to transformation rooted in all 4 critical pillars needed for complete and lasting transformation – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  It’s a multidimensional approach to healing that reaches into past, present, and future, and draws from other realms of existence beyond our 3D experience to instigate change. 

This unique formula allows for the unwinding of stuck energy and a completion of process to lock in the resulting shift.

Who’s it for

This process can be helpful if:

  • You are feeling stuck in specific beliefs or perspectives which are limiting your ability to grow and live the life you desire.
  • You are spinning in the depths of certain emotions causing you to stay attached to old stories, maybe people, or even other lifetimes.
  • You are experiencing illness and can’t seem to move beyond it.
  • You are going through spiritual transformation and have lost a sense of belonging, grounding, or even a sense of worth.

For those new to the healing process, it is advised that you work with a trained Intentional Release Method™ professional to support you through this process.  However, with enough knowledge, experience, and practice this can be a powerful self healing method you can keep in your healing journey toolbox and use throughout the rest of your life.


  • Gain the grounding and ability to shift through intense situations much easier.
  • Say goodbye to the mental anguish of being stuck spinning on an issue so you can be free to use your mind to create joy and success instead.
  • Become healthier and happier as your experience is no longer tied to other people or situations.
  • Let go of codependence and competition, and welcome more harmonious relationships
  • Increase space to allow more abundance into your life

The Intentional Release Method™ is interwoven into all the ways in which we work with clients whether in 1:1 sessions or in group coaching and event experiences.

“My time spent with Robin has been fantastic. Having never been formally coached before, I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect, but I was made to feel comfortable from the word go. In only a short space of time, I feel like I have grown and developed, and have given thought to things in new ways. Despite being out of my comfort zone at times, I enjoyed every minute and feel that I am more self-aware and now know what I want to achieve because of it. I would definitely recommend Robin to anyone, thank you!” ~ Kate