“I understand myself so much better. I’m so much more positive throughout my day. Best personal development I’ve done in the past 10 years!

Individual Coaching

Our coaching sessions blend a unique combination of trusted coaching techniques and fine tuned intuitive abilities to help you gain insight on you and your life. We believe in getting to the core of what is blocking you living the life you desire, not just giving you tools to manage your days and relationships. This means that we dive deep into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields in which you operate. We get to the core of who you are and why you are, so that you can make shifts in line with your soul purpose. How you live out that purpose can be in your personal or professional life and most likely it’s in both. For this reason we offer coaching packages containing multiple sessions to support you on this journey.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

New Client Introductory Pkg

Get started with a complimentary consultation. Let’s talk about your goals and discuss whether A Conscious Connection is the right fit for you.

New client introductory package include 1 consultation plus two -1 hour coaching sessions. $297 (CAD)

3 Month Coaching Package

This package helps you start making a positive transformation towards your goals and opening the doors to empowerment.

Package contains two personalized coaching per month, priority calendar access, unlimited meditation library use, personalized exercises & session notes. $1199 (CAD)

*Monthly payment plans available.

6 Month Coaching Package

This package commits you towards personal leadership and taking steps to living a life of freedom and fulfillment. We will customized a weekly or bi-weekly plan to suit your individual needs.

Package contains two personalized coaching per month, priority calendar access, unlimited meditation library use, personalized exercises & session notes. $2199 (CAD)

Coaching with Robin has been a life changing experience for me. It opened up a very different world and showed me the origin of things. It empowered me to be the master of not only my own life, but also understand how changes in me impact people around me. – Laura, Toronto, Canada

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We focus on transformation, not quick problem fixes or temporary change, which is why you don’t see a per/session rate. If you’re serious about making some positive transformation in your life it will take consistent commitment over time to see results you are after. Commitment and accountability help us achieve our goals. The ego or saboteur mind will sneak in and slow or stall your progress without a diligent plan in place. We want to help set you free to soar.

Coaching Sessions will be held over Zoom video chat (unless otherwise agreed upon). We accept all major credit cards or wire transfers. (e-transfers available within Canada). GST charged in Canada.

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I can comfortably say it has been the best professional decision I have made and haven’t looked back. I have found the time with Robin invaluable to keep pushing boundaries, to keep looking bigger and to keep taking strides forward. Robin has made the process very easy and broken down my own perceived boundaries and perceptions of coaching and I feel grateful to be part of the program. I firmly believe this is making me a better leader and having a positive influence on my ability to impact my team and the business. I would encourage others if presented to do the same and to take full advantage and embrace every aspect of the program.” – Ash, London, England

“When I first started my coaching journey I was holding myself back with fear and under-confidence. I didn’t think that I had the tools to do the job; to be honest I had got myself into a rut of apathy where I wasn’t really enjoying so many aspects of my role. Through your coaching I learnt that I already had many of the qualities that I felt I was lacking; by mapping out the experiences and character traits that I felt I needed to really succeed in my role I realised that I had them all along. Dealing with my inner critic and learning how to mute that voice has been so helpful – whereas before I would doubt myself to even try to put myself forward to lead a team event, I now relish these opportunities! Confidence is such a motivating force that I didn’t think I could ever truly achieve. Gaining knowledge that self-confidence isn’t an innate character trait but a learnt behaviour was such a game changer – I now know that it’s in my power to own and grow even further than I already have. I genuinely feel like I have unlocked so much more potential in myself to succeed, both in my professional and personal life. Thank you so much Robin for your time coaching me, in such a short period of time I have learnt to be more flexible, more open, more confident and happier in myself. I will continue to look inwards and become the future leader that I want to become.” ~ Clare, UK

“Working with Robin has been great, she has helped me work through some of my leadership challenges, while also challenging me to continue to develop as a leader. While my current manager is a great coach, we’re all very busy and it is rare you can take a full hour to talk just about leadership without the day to day details dominating the conversation. Having someone who understands our business but is separate enough from the coal face allows us to talk candidly without an underlying agenda. Working with Robin has allowed me to work through challenges that I was perhaps procrastinating on or develop conclusions that I subconsciously knew but hadn’t fully acknowledged yet. Robin has a great ability to get you to work through an issue until you find the solution you had all along. I have very much enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with Robin and it has been great to step away from the day to day at least once every two weeks and reflect on how I can help improve the performance of my team.” ~ David, Vancouver, BC

Group Coaching

Custom group coaching programs can be designed to suit your business or group’s needs. Please contact us to discuss further.