Don’t Just ‘Deck the Halls’ This Christmas

People spend a lot energy preparing their homes for company over the holidays.  Putting up lights, decorating trees, baking dozens of cookies, and stocking the bar with favorite Yule-tide spirits.  If you really want to create more peace and harmony in your home this Christmas, here are few other things you might consider:

Smudge your home with boughs of sage…..fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

                When cleaning your home, it’s just as important to do so energetically as well as physically.  The practice of smoke-cleansing has been practiced for centuries by indigenous communities.  It’s not only about clearing the space of negative or stagnant energy, but also inviting positive and uplifting energy back into the home.  Science has also now shown that smudging with white sage can help you feel less stress, improve sleep, boost mood, and it purifies toxins from your home!

Create more ‘merry’ by finding your inner smile before connecting to others

                We often think of ourselves as physical beings, but we are even more so energetic ones.  The energy with which you greet and engage people will directly affect the flow of your interaction.  If you want more joy and peace, find it within yourself first.

 A few thousand years ago, a Qigong technique called the ‘inner smile’ was developed to aid the body in healing and bring about more happiness and inner peace.  Yes, you could take the time to learn this practice (and I highly recommend Qigong as a beneficial practice), but even the simple act of smiling can shift your nervous system.  Your face has 80 muscles, that when smiling, send a message to the body that you must be in a good mood, so it starts to relax automatically.  Can’t get much easier than that to make a shift!

Dress to express not impress

                Of course everyone wants to look their best, but its more important that you dress to express your authentic self rather than put on something that makes you feel uncomfortable inside and out.  People can tell when you feel good in your own skin so find something that compliments your unique self.  They will be drawn to your authentic expression more than the brand you’re wearing or the fact that those Spanx helped squeeze you into that little black dress. Maybe you’ll even inspire them to follow your lead next year. We can certainly use a lot more people in the world feeling empowered to be authentically themselves.

Exercise to release extra energy and anxiety before the party

                Sometimes we get so busy preparing for our guests that we let our exercise routine slide.  This is actually the worst thing we can do.  All the best dog owners and trainers will tell you that dogs are calmer and better behaved after they have been out for a good play or run.  As humans we are no different.  Whether your fitness level is best aligned to a good walk or a higher intensity run, make sure you don’t skip it!  Burning off all that extra busy and nervous energy will help you be a calm, cool, and collected host.

Ring the right tone

                We are energy beings that are dramatically impacted by the vibration and frequency of those things in our environment.  To create a harmonious gathering pay attention to the music you play and songs that you sing.  Align your choices to the emotion and energy you are trying to evoke.  Light and peppy for sparking life into the room over cocktails.  Smooth and soft for grounding dinner conversation.  Maybe you need some dance beats to get people moving and grooving later into the night.  We can’t help but to be affected by the music we hear, so choose wisely.

Set the stage and ask for what you need

                People naturally want to behave courteously at your home so help them do so.  Plus, its your job as host to set the guidelines for what you need.  Where should they put their coat?  What are the rules around drink refills – is it ok to help themselves?  Which bathrooms can they use?  Can they give your dog a treat?  Would you love help with anything in the kitchen, or would you like everyone to stay out of your domain?  Remember that everyone has their own needs and house rules, so don’t expect them to just know yours. Tell them.

Hang up their coats and put away your judgement

                Holiday time tends to bring out the best and worst in people.  Choose to have compassion when others are triggered by a situation or perhaps their shadow side slips out for attention.  We are all on own path of healing and self discovery.  Supporting each other along the way thru the good and the ugly is appreciated. 

Now if its you that finds yourself triggered by a situation.  Take a deep breath.  Acknowledge that something has been stirred within you.  Recognize this is just an opportunity to heal another piece within.  Choose to put it away temporarily since the party isn’t the appropriate place to go into deep inner work.  Make the commitment to work on it tomorrow or later in the week with your coach or therapist if needed.

Don’t just drink spirits but invite Spirit into your home.

                We all have guides, angels, and beings of light that are supporting and guiding us, whether you are conscious of them or not.  A simple invocation will call them forward to be a presence of love, peace, joy and healing in your home.  Your guests will feel the difference even though they don’t know why the ‘vibes’ are so good in your home.

Lead with heart and create coherence

                Did you know that the electromagnetic field produced by your heart can be detected several feet outside of your body?  That means that even before you get close to someone, your energy fields start to entwine and affect each other. 

You have choice over what vibration your heart field is emitting by choosing the emotions you are feeling.  The goal is to create coherence between your heart, mind and emotions.

“Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty says. “It is a state that builds resiliency – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.”

Choosing to bring the feelings of love, joy and peace into your heart will not only benefit you, but your guests as well!

I hope you take even just one or two of these suggestions to help make your holiday parties an even bigger success this year.  I wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with much love, peace and joy.  May your gatherings be harmonious events that create beautiful memories for your mind and heart to hold for years to come.

Many Blessings.

Written by Robin Harris, Personal Transformation Coach