Creating A New Earth

It’s been impossible to ignore the transformation we are going thru on Earth right now.  Previously reserved for the sensitivity of those working with subtler energies, the shifts and shakes ups happening now are being felt by even those of the densest energetic dexterity. 

We are all doing our part in birthing a new way of life on Earth.  It may however, look and feel different depending on the inner work we’ve done up until this point, the path we choose to take thru the birth, and the amount of resistance we put up throughout the process.

Are you choosing a natural birth, perhaps a water birth?

Are you taking the medicated route and opting to numb out?

Are you trying to take control thru a surgical path? 

Are you positioning for ease or trying to go feet first?

Are you resisting altogether for fear of leaving what you’ve known?

Our ability to manifest has always been available, but the energy shifts that have been happening this year are making it possible on a whole new level. Whatever your dominant thoughts and beliefs are, they create a specific vibration which will attract those things in alignment to them at great speed.  And whatever you think, with authentic feeling, will speed into your life like a bullet train, actually faster than that in many cases. This is why more than ever before we need to be discerning about what we watch, who we spend time with, and with what we fill our lives and bodies.  Be clear about what you want and make sure you surround yourself with people, things, and experiences that align with the resonance of your heart’s love. 

It’s important to mention that resisting, avoiding, and fearing the opposite of what you want will actually build the vibrational strength of the very thing you don’t want and pull it into your life.  In this new stream of creation energy, you can’t ignore or try to suppress thoughts and feelings like you once did before.  This stream pushes everything to the top to be dealt with, and I mean everything.  The gravity that once held those banished boulders at the bottom of the water does not work the same in this new stream of energy. Nothing sinks to the bottom to stay. There is a constant pull to surface and everything surfaces at rapid speed in these flows.

 If you chose to join the timelines of the new earth, you will be forced to face everything you haven’t yet healed.  If you haven’t fully committed to the new earth, you may feel the dense, slowness, and pull of the things that you’re still choosing to bury and not face (even though they may be slapping you in the face).  It will be a tough ride if this is the way you go, but it is your choice.  Whichever timelines you choose to ride as our new Earth-life emerges; you can’t escape the healing we are all being asked to do along the way. The choices you make in doing so will make all the difference is in how you will experience the process. 

In the end we will all get to where we need to be. There is not a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. You choose which stream you want to ride in to get there. Be willing to look at everything, feel it all, face it all, and voice it all.  Lean into your support network and get help from those that are experienced in aiding the spiritual and healing path of others.  It’s easier together.  Much love.  You can do this.

Written by Robin Harris, Tranformation Coach