Count Your Blessings

A LOT has happened this past year.  2020 has proven to be the year of shake ups, reveals, and change; and with that in mind, it’s easy to want to brush it under the rug (or perhaps push it off the bridge).  The real opportunity, however, is to reflect on all the blessings it has brought us as well.  You see, where we focus our attention, with feeling, will draw more of that very thing into our lives.  As we transition into 2021, let’s carry the feelings of hope, gratitude, and love.  That is certainty what I want to create more of next year and I hope you’ll join me.

Here are some of the blessings I’ve been able to find in the challenges of this year:

Financial hardship – This caused me to really think about my attachments to material accumulation as a way of soothing emotions and fitting in with societal norms.  A new pair of shoes won’t really bring me more happiness or success.

Loss of job – Losing my employment this year was the kick I needed to start living my passion in service of others full time.  Sometimes we need to be pushed off the cliff to discover we can fly.

Isolation – This really allowed me to get to know myself in even a deeper way, not in relation or comparison to others.  Also it opened the door to know loved ones on a deeper level without the distractions of needing to be going places and doing things. 

No travel – Sticking close to home meant getting to explore my own backyard better.  Plus more outdoor time reminded me how truly important nature is for our soul.  Also there was more time to take on creative projects and fueling our creativity helps us be healthier and happier.

Sickness & Death – This brought the reminder that life is precious and don’t take it for granted.  Each breath we take is a miracle in itself.  There has also been a move in mindset from ‘me’ to ‘we’ as many look to protect and care for each other in a deeper way.

Mental health – The increase in mental health issues has reduced stigma around mental illness especially in the workplace where it’s being talked about more freely and more supportive programs are being put in place.  Plus neighbors, families, and friends are checking in on each other more regularly from a compassionate place of really wanting to know how they are doing.

Reveals of corruptions & scandals – The truth is being shown and people are waking up to changes that need to happen in our economic, political, education and religious systems. How is that not a big blessing for the future.

So, now as you look to wind up 2020, I’ll leave you with a few questions to reflect on:

What blessings has this challenging year brought for you?

What new things did you discover about yourself?

How have your relationships changed?

What ah-ha moments did you have as the curtains dropped?

What inspirations have shown up that you can carry forward into action in 2021?

Share your thoughts with friends and family with the intention to inspire a shift to living in gratitude and love as we move into 2021.  Together we can create a beautiful future.

Written by Robin Harris