How do I know if I will like your coaching style?

We always start with a complimentary consultation session so that both you and your coach get a better sense of whether you are fit for each other. Often these sessions give you the opportunity to receive a mini coaching so you get a taste of your coach’s style. From there you can choose your preferred coaching package to suit your needs.

Why are there only coaching packages rather than individual sessions?

Although many short term challenges can be solved in one coaching session, we are interested in help you make a transformation and therefore committing to a regular coaching relationship sets you up for this larger success.

How can you be my coach if I don’t live in Calgary?

Coaching can be just as effective over the phone or video chat so you don’t need to live in Calgary to take advantage of our services.

I’m shy about sharing in a group environment, is attending a workshop the right thing for me?

Only you can make this decision, but it is a coach’s job to encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone as that is when you make some of the best changes. Many shy people are surprising comfortable sharing in our group workshops due to the safety and trust that is built among the group.

What is your privacy policy?

All information you share about yourself and others remains strictly confidential and is not discussed with anyone else. You name will not be shared as a client of ours, without receiving your explicit written permission.