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Your Soul Calling Code

Unlock your unique cosmic blueprint and embody your soul destiny with confidence in this 5-week live online transformational workshop.

With Robin Harris, Founder of A Conscious Connection

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Your Invitation to a Soul-Led Life:

Dear Soul Seeker,

“They’ll think your crazy,” my mind warned me sternly not to tell anyone about what I had just experienced.  But my body still rings true each time I recall the moments I received my mission.

I was just an ordinary person, struggling with certain areas of my life, hoping to be relieved of my own inner turmoil.  It’s why I was at that 7-day retreat in the mountains.  But Spirit had just revealed other plans.  Much larger plans.  The kind of soul callings we often talk ourselves out of because our mind can’t expand enough to allow it.  Many years later, I learned it was always written in the stars for me. Just as it is for you. I wish I had known that sooner.

Alone in my room the energy suddenly shifted.  Kind of like how the air pressure abruptly changes when a storm moves in.  Although I’m sure I never physically left the bed, I was ‘lifted up’ by what I could only call angelic beings and taken to what I described at the time as Heaven. I was not religious and didn’t use the word heaven in my regular vocabulary, nor did I have a real concept of what that meant.  However, I somehow knew that was the vibration I felt.  Then, a huge booming voice commanded, ‘You must bring Heaven to Earth’.  The immensity of that voice resonated throughout my entire body at a cellular level.  It literally shook for hours as it tried to integrate those vibrations.

Receiving my mission directly didn’t make it any easier to understand my soul destiny or know how to enable it.  I couldn’t fathom the bigness of what it meant, and I didn’t get any answers from the few I dared to speak to about it. So, I continued my healing and awakening path for my own sake while carrying on in my corporate job. Periodically I’d get additional nudges that I was meant to lead and be in service of others in a bigger way. 

Eventually I did start mentoring others, volunteering to support my teacher’s transformational program, and ultimately stepping forward as a group leader for his program in my region.  That was enough I kept telling myself as I was making a comfortable living in my corporate job. Truthfully, I lacked the confidence to charge for the transformational work I was doing with people. 

I was still working through the shadows of the imposter, the hider, and needing to transmute old beliefs of scarcity and release past lives of being tortured and killed for speaking and living my spiritual truth.  I had a sense that at some point I would have to leave my corporate job to do my soul work as a coach, mentor, and guide fulltime, but I wasn’t rushing to jump off that cliff of potential instability. 

The moment came suddenly at the end of 2020, and I didn’t jump, I was pushed. 

I intuited a message that it was finally time for me to shift into my soul work full time which meant leaving my corporate job of 14 years. I conceded, as by this point, I had learned to trust the guidance I receive because when I didn’t something usually went wrong.  I decided to write down clearly what I wanted in this transition stating however it happens, I am supported mentally, emotionally, and financially.  That was Thursday.  The following Monday morning I was told my position was eliminated in a global reorganization effort. I was thanked for all my contributions to the company and packaged out.  I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at the expedient response to my declaration the week before.  I did both.

Sometimes you must be pushed off the cliff to discover you can fly. 

So rather than hide behind another job, I started my business A Conscious Connection.  Since then, I have committed fully to supporting others on their own awakening journey and to raise the consciousness of humanity through higher vibrational living. I’ve accepted I’m an energy conduit meant to receive and ground higher vibrations on Earth. I channel wisdom, guidance, and healing energy to support others in transmuting areas of struggle and pain, and open to their own gifts that perhaps they’ve had a hard time reaching.  This is how I’ve learned that I can bring “Heaven to Earth” as God commanded of me that day many years ago.  It’s my mission that I’ve finally stepped into completely.

So, consider this my personal invitation – to finally learn you can fly too!

I’ve alchemized a method to help you unlock and read your soul calling code. And I want to share it with you, so you don’t have to spend decades like I did trying to figure it all out.  You can live in align with your soul destiny even in the most challenging of times.  In fact, when you do, those challenging times seem a lot brighter!

This program is a five-step process to discover your soul calling and encode it into your life.  It’s a combination of proven ancient wisdom systems and my own tried and tested methods to gain clarity, remove obstacles, navigate changes, and continue unfolding with the flow of life being presented by your destiny.  And I am personally going to be there with you each week live to support your way through it.

Do you feel the pull to know more?

Are you curious if you’re ready to leave the comfort of the nest you’ve built?

If so, I invite you to soar with our A Conscious Connection community and live the calling of your soul.

All the details you need to know are below on this page.

In Kindness,


I now have clarity on the direction I am headed. I am so excited! I feel empowered & magnificent! Thank you Robin! I am forever grateful.” – Mary

What you do matters.

You are worthy of abundant goodness.

Life can be especially challenging for old souls, star seeds, and those with healing light because deep down we sense a larger mission and impact we are meant to make. You might look like a corporate manager, busy mom, or hustling entrepreneur by day, but you can feel your real ‘superhero suit’ lays beneath those outward mainstream masks.  What is your soul calling you to care about, commit to, or create as you carry on your day job?

When we are operating out of alignment with the highest potential path of our soul blueprint, life can become a lot harder and less fulfilling.  We often feel we are a victim of our life circumstances rather than a cocreator of the life we want to live.  It can feel like we are constantly pushing boulders up a steep hill that is lined with booby-traps.  It can seem like we never get a break.  For some people it can feel like you are floating or wading in muddy waters – easy enough, but not very joy-filled.

Whether you realize it or not, what you do matters.  We are all part of an intricate web of consciousnesses expressing ourselves through physical bodies on earth.  Just like each one of us is born with unique fingerprints, we are also born at a specific time, place and to a unique history that generates the blueprint of our soul destiny for this life.  We live this out through the work that we do, the relationships that we make, the thoughts that we think and the actions that we take along the way. 

This program is design to help you see that what you do matters.  You are worthy of a life filled with love, joy and abundant goodness.  When you get ready to leave this body, I don’t want you have regrets about not fulfilling your soul purpose. 

I’ve consciously crafted this 5 step process to help you to not only know what your soul came here to do but help you do the work to clear limiting beliefs or overcome fears and confusion that keep you running on a hamster wheel that’s been designed by someone else. 

This is a live and interactive event where you will be able to work directly with me, share with other participants, do some deep introspection, and finally calibrate yourself to the calling code of your soul.  It’s designed to take you deeper to the energy that your soul came in with before all the life experiences and conditioning shaped you.  Discover the energy your soul was encoded with as you made your way through the stars to find your body for this life.  Learn the cosmic mission you soared in with and how it is meant to play out as you live your life as the person you are today. 

It opened up a very different world and showed me the origin of things.  It empowered me to be the master of not only my own life, but also understand how changes in me impact people around me.”  – Laura

Making Meaning & Money

More Valuable

A record number of people quit their jobs in 2021. It was labelled ‘The Great Resignation’. According to McKinsey & Co, many of these people left without having another job lined up. Karin Kimbrough, LinkedIn’s chief economist recently stated: People have been living to work for a very long time. And I think the pandemic brought that moment of reflection for everyone. “What do I wanna do? What makes my heart sing?” And people are thinking, “If not now, then when?”

It’s true. People are seeking meaning and purpose in their life more than ever.

Living in alignment with your soul destiny isn’t just about the work you do but also about the way you live your life. Research shows that people with a sense of purpose live longer, are healthier and have lower stress. We are often pushed down the road of our lives by deadlines, to do lists, and expectations. Driven by desire for money, accomplishment, approval and promises to others, but not really knowing where we are going. Imagine if someone gives you a map. Suddenly you have direction, a destination, a purpose.

Now in 2022, with the cost of food, fuel and well fun in general rising, wouldn’t it be great if every dollar you do make and spend actually meant more?

Money is an energetic exchange. If it’s coming in from stress, strife, hardship, wrapped in feelings of scarcity and insecurity, then spending it will feel the same. Now imagine if every dollar you make is coming from a place of joy, gratitude, and feelings of deep connection because as you’re earning a living you know you are fulfilling your soul destiny. No longer does one have to be a trade off for the other. Be in service to exactly who you were meant to be. Soul-led is an essential way to live this decade in order to create a better, happier, and more sustainable new earth for ourselves and the next generation to come.

Program Runs August 17th to September 14th, 2022


Program Curriculum

Week 1- The Cosmic Answer to Soul Alignment

Open your mind to the power of your soul calling and learn what’s always been written in the stars and on your heart.

  • Explore what is soul destiny 
  • Discover the Science of Spirit
  • Experience a live guided journey to uncover why living your soul purpose matters
  • Receive Decoding your Soul Destiny keys
  • Get a pre-recorded instructional video showing how to find your soul destiny points in your natal star chart

Week 2 – Get Current Calibration Clarity

Turn the magnifying glass inward to assess your current state of living so you can be clear where changes might be needed to be more soul serving.

  • Overlay your soul destiny discovery from week 1 on your current life experience to clearly see synergies and incongruency.
  • Work through the value clarity exercise and look at how it informs your actions
  • Use emotional state awareness exercises to gain insight into your life/soul alignment
  • Learn about the natural cycles of life and how those affect your purpose and experience

Week 3 – Create Your Soul Blueprint

Map the pieces of your soul destiny path together to begin seeing the journey before you now.

  • Receive your Soul Blueprint template
  • Experience a live Soul Calibration Meditation
  • Create daily practices to support your soul alignment
  • Get clarity on the obstacles impeding your way from your current to your desired state of living

Week 4 – Making Conscious Changes

Empower yourself to make the shifts you desire and start living your best life now.

  • Learn the key 3 areas all obstacles fit into
  • Experience the 4 step process to transforming beliefs
  • Discover the secrets to releasing stuck emotions
  • Examine your relationship with trust – in yourself and the universe
  • Learn the secrets of deciphering your ego voice vs your higher self guidance

Week 5 – Locking in Your Soul Calling Code

Explore how to embed the changes you desire for lasting effect.

  • How to put everything you have been learning week 1-4 into reality
  • Discover the power of personal accountability and other support
  • Take responsibility and ownership for the life you create
  • Design your own soul destiny mantra
  • Explore how to share the love – passing it forward



  1. A Soul Gift guided mediation – journey through a magical evergreen forest to receive insight, healing & a new gift of your soul.
  2. One 30 min 1:1 coaching/mentoring session with Robin Harris to dive deeper into your questions or situation as per the program focus.
  3. One $100 credit towards any 6 or 12 session coaching packages at A Conscious Connection.

Discover what you came here to do...

In the last 3 months I’ve seen tremendous results. I’ve landed a place of employment that is in alignment with my value system and my ability to handle life’s challenges is no longer the struggle that it once was.” – Jodi

Before founding A Conscious Connection, I worked in small business to Fortune 500 corporate spanning retail, manufacturing, and financial sectors.  I led small and nationwide sales teams, managed global sales enablement efforts, trained, coached, and mentored individuals and groups.  I’m a University of Calgary Business graduate; Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC); Insight Counseling & Training graduate and former Senior Group Leader for Destiny Program.  I have decades of self-development, leadership, and sales training.  I’ve studied various energy and vibrational healing modalities. I’m a student of qigong, a gifted energy and light code channel, and a practiced intuitive guide. My deep exploration into personal truth led me all over the world receiving training, sharing, healing and guidance from indigenous, shamanic, self development, spiritual, and business leaders.  And all of that has granted me a proven ability to operate successfully in the business world while maintaining a deep connection to the larger flow of universal consciousness. I’m passionate in helping others navigate similar work/soul waters.

About Robin Harris

As an empowerment coach, spiritual guide, intuitive channel, and wisdom holder my life is devoted to helping others call in their healing, to reveal the truth of their soul, and embrace their own gifts in service of others.  I seek to normalize the mystical and demystify the spiritual as it is not just for religious devotees, committed yogis, or new age gurus.  Heaven on Earth is available for all those who earnestly seek it and even to those, like me, who don’t realize that is what they are looking for as they journey through their own self development personally and professionally.

We are in a time where chaos is abundant, safety and security are challenged, and mental and spiritual dis-ease are at an all-time crisis point, it is my soul service calling to do what I can to help humanity transition into a more harmonious state of being.  Each person that does this personal transformation work, not only improves their own lives but impacts their family, their workplaces, and communities.  This is how I truly believe we can create a better life on Earth whether that means saving our forests, improving our education systems, or overhauling our health care.  It all starts with shifting the minds and healing the hearts of those leading the way in the critical efforts that form our communities and cultures.

This Live Online Workshop Includes:

This live, interactive online workshop offers you the opportunity to not only discover the purpose you came here with, but also create a plan to move toward your soul destiny through conscious choice. For some that may mean making a job change, for others that may mean adding more action in alignment with your core values, and for others it may be examining relationships or learning a skill. Regardless of the actions you’ll take, finding a more harmonious way to live will be the outcome.

What you’ll get in this workshop:

      1.   Weekly Live & Interactive (60-90min) online (Zoom) sessions with Robin Harris.

  • Learn your soul calling code and create your unique soul destiny blueprint
  • Discover how your life choices are aligning or misaligning you to the pull of universal flow
  • Get clarity on what’s fueling or impeding your highest potential
  • Explore ways of working and living that will create more fulfillment
  • Uncover & dissolve blocks that are stopping you from knowing and living your soul purpose
  • Learn to hear & trust your inner guidance to help move you in the most desirable direction
  1.   Community – Access to a private FB group to share with and support other participants while you’re going thru the workshop together.
  2.   Printable reflection worksheets each week will help keep you on track and go deeper into your own specific journey.
  3.   Printable weekly focus planner.
  4.   Get your questions answered live by Robin Harris during weekly Q&A sessions immediately following the training workshop.
  5.   3-month access to the recordings of the live sessions so if you miss a session or want to listen again you can do so at your convenience.

Plus the following Bonuses:

  1. A Soul Gift guided meditation – journey through an ancient evergreen forest to receive insight, healing & a new gift of your soul.
  2. One 30 min private coaching/mentoring session with Robin Harris to dive deeper into specific questions or gain support as per the program focus.
  3. One $100 credit towards any 6 or 12 session coaching packages at A Conscious Connection.

Create your path
to fulfillment.

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Frequency Asked Questions

Are the session live or pre-recorded?

All of the sessions are being held live.  Recordings will be sent to all participants so you can view/listen at your convenience.

What if I can’t attend live – how can I get my questions answered?

You can post your questions in the private Facebook group.  We will be monitoring this group will the program is running.

What are the dates and times of the live session?

August 17, 24, 31 & September 7, 14th – all sessions are at 4pm MST/ 6pm EST.  (With a small group we may be able to adjust the start time if everyone agrees, so please let me know if 4pm is an obstacle to you joining and let’s see if we can remove it – email below)

How can I get support?

If you have any questions about accessing the course, please email us at robin@aconsciousconnection.com

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