A Conscious Connection Presents:

Uncovering Your Soul Purpose

An Invitation to Soul-Aligned Working and Living

A 5-week accelerator to uncovering the mystery of your soul’s destiny. Create a passion-aligned path to experience purpose and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

With Robin Harris, Founder of A Conscious Connection

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Welcome everyone,

If you watched the video above, I’ve already shared a little of my story. But if not, then let me recap here to explain how this program came to be.

I knew to trust my intuition long before I understood where that inner voice was coming from.  Most the time I did listen, and when I didn’t I typically ended up going down a bumpier road than was probably necessary.

In my early thirties, I took a job as a sales manager for a corporate foreign exchange firm.  I wasn’t passionate about foreign currency or had any goals to work for a large corporation but something said take the job.  My partner of 7 years was just finishing up cancer treatment.  We had spent the previous few years building up a high-end motorcycle and scooter business.  I was starting to realize that all my time and energy was going into him and his passions. Sure it was out of necessity for survival but even more so it was out of fear of failing at my own deepest desires.  Everything inside me was screaming to get some independence and focus on me so I took the job.  In many ways that was the start of the end of a whole chapter of my life.

I spent 14 years in that corporate career but I often questioned whether I was meant to stay there.  Regularly, I would tune into my inner guidance and ask if I was stay meant to continue on with the company. And, often to my dismay, I continually received a yes until that final day I got my green light it was time to leave (which is an interesting story of manifestation that I’ll share another time).

I enjoyed many of the roles I did as there.  I got to travel the world.  I was good at my job, but it never felt wholly fulfilling to my soul.  At the same time, my personal life sort of mirrored my work life.  I was having fun. Exploring people, places, experiences, but something felt missing.  In my search for answers, I started uncovering and testing tools to reveal my soul destiny.  I also did the work to excavate my true self from the one created by influence of my family, culture, and history plus all the social and economic pressures of life.

Now it all makes sense.  Why I landed in that company.  Why I needed to stay as long as I did. Why I was afforded so many different opportunities to learn the things I have – the easy and the hard way.  Why I met the people I did and had to go through all the ups and downs that I have experienced.

Today, I’m consciously creating a life that aligns to my soul.  One that’s purposefully designed to create fulfillment.  One that’s in service to what I came here to do and be.  I rest easier knowing that I am walking my true path and when I leave this earth, I will have done what I came here to do.  A big part of my journey is to be in service to people like you.

I know my story isn’t unique in that many people move along in life not feeling fully happy or secretly feeling like there is ‘something more’ calling them.  Perhaps that’s you and if so I invite you join me in this program.  Leverage what I have learned for your own journey.  Save yourself some of the time and money I spent uncovering it all. Use what works.  Put aside the rest. You will know by what resonates in your heart. Your soul is waiting for you to live the life of your dreams.

An ancient Vedic principle says: “You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

What you do matters.

When we are operating out of alignment with the highest potential path of our soul blueprint, life can become a lot harder and less fulfilling.  We often feel we are a victim of our life circumstances rather than a cocreator of the life we want to live.  It can feel like we are constantly pushing boulders up a steep hill that is lined with booby-traps.  It can seem like we never get a break.  For some people it can feel like you are floating or wading in muddy waters – easy enough, but not very joy-filled.

Whether you realize it or not, what you do matters.  We are all part of an intricate web of consciousnesses expressing ourselves through physical bodies on earth.  Just like each one of us is born with unique fingerprints, we are also born at a specific time, place and to a unique history that generates the blueprint of our soul destiny for this life.  We live this out through the work that we do, the relationships that we make, the thoughts that we think and the actions that we take along the way. 

This program is design to help you see that what you do matters.  You are worthy of a life filled with love, joy and abundant goodness.  When you get ready to leave this body, I don’t want you have regrets about not fulfilling your purpose. 

Discover what you came here to do…

This live, interactive online workshop offers you the opportunity to not only discover the purpose you came here with, but also create a plan to move toward your soul destiny through conscious choice.  For some that may mean making a job change, for others that may mean adding more action in alignment with your core values, and for others it may be examining relationships or learning a skill.   Regardless of the actions you’ll take, finding a more harmonious way to live will be the outcome.

What you’ll get in this workshop:

  • 5 – Live (60-90min) online (Zoom) sessions with Robin Harris
    1. Learn about ancient methodologies to understand your unique soul blueprint
    2. Discover how your life choices are aligning or misaligning you to the pull of universal flow
    3. Explore ways of working and living that will create more fulfillment
    4. Uncover blocks that are stopping you from knowing and living your soul purpose
    5. Learn to hear & trust your inner guidance to help move you in the most desirable direction
    6. Develop a plan forward to fuel your highest potential

  • Community – Access to a private FB group to share with and support other participants while you’re going thru the workshop.  You will also get assigned an accountability/support buddy who is another participant in the program so you can lean on and support each other.

  • Printable reflection worksheets each week will help keep you on track and go deeper into your own specific journey.

  • Get your questions answered live by Robin Harris during weekly Q&A sessions immediately following the training workshop.

  • 3-month access to the recordings of the live sessions so if you miss a session or want to listen again you can do so at your convenience

And you get 3 amazing bonus gifts with this program to help you get more transformation:

Bonus 1:

A Soul Gift guided mediation

Bonus 2:

One 30 min 1:1 coaching/mentoring session with Robin to help you dive deeper

Bonus 3:

$100 credit towards any 6 or 12 session coaching package at A Conscious Connection

What other A Conscious Connection clients are saying:

Mary had worked in the same industry for most of her adult life.  She had an inner knowing that it was time for something new but wasn’t quite sure which direction to take when she joined our life purpose workshop.   “I now have clarity on the direction I am headed. I am so excited! I feel empowered & magnificent! Thank you Robin! I am forever grateful.”

Laura loves her work and family but there was something tugging at her to look deeper within when she started coaching with Robin.   “It opened up a very different world and showed me the “origin of things”.  It empowered me to be the master of not only my own life, but also understand how changes in me impact people around me.

Jodi followed a gut instinct to start working with Robin.  Her past several workplaces were filled with challenging situations, coworkers, and cultures. She wanted things to shift and was willing to do the inner work.  “In the last 3 months I’ve seen tremendous results. I’ve landed a place of employment that is in alignment with my value system and my ability to handle life’s challenges is no longer the struggle that it once was.”

People are seeking meaning and purpose.

A record number of people quit their jobs in 2021. It’s being called ‘The Great Resignation’.  According to McKinsey & Co, many of these people left without having another job lined up.  Karin Kimbrough, LinkedIn’s chief economist recently stated: People have been living to work for a very long time. And I think the pandemic brought that moment of reflection for everyone. “What do I wanna do? What makes my heart sing?” And people are thinking, “If not now, then when?”

It’s true. People are seeking meaning and purpose in their life more than ever.

Living in alignment with your soul destiny isn’t just about the work you do but also about the way you live your life.  Research shows that people with a sense of purpose live longer, are healthier and have lower stress.  We are often pushed down the road of our lives by deadlines, to do lists, and expectations.  Driven by desire for money, accomplishment, approval and promises to others, but not really knowing where we are going.  Imagine if someone gives you a map. Suddenly you have direction, a destination, a purpose.

Create your path to fulfillment.

This workshop is designed to take you on a road from discovering your soul purpose to how that can be manifested in your life:

  • Get clarity on the unique energetic blueprint you came into this world with and discover if you’ve been flowing with or against that current 
  • Gain clarity on your values and passions so you can start to make sure you include them everyday to fuel your energy and live in joy
  • Create your own personal journey empowerment statement to help you focus each day
  • Find a path to start creating a more fulfilling life
  • Learn valuable tools to help keep you moving in the direction of your soul’s destiny

Who should join this program

This workshop is for those

  • seeking to live a life with more meaning and purpose
  • wanting to know and align with their soul’s destiny
  • willing to do the work and participate fully

This program is not for you if

  • you don’t believe in a universal flow/consciousness
  • looking for specific career counselling

Full Offer Package

Here’s everything you will receive:

  • 5 Live (60-90min) online (Zoom) sessions with Robin Harris
    • (Dates: March 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7th 2022 @ 11am MST -Calgary, AB/Denver, CO time zone)
  • Community – Access to a private FB group to share with and support other participants while you’re going thru the workshop.  You will also get assigned an accountability/support buddy who is another participant in the program for you can lean on and support each other.
  • Printable reflection worksheets each week will help keep you on track and go deeper into your own specific journey.
  • Get your questions answered live by Robin Harris during weekly Q&A sessions immediately following the training workshop.
  • 3 month access to the recordings of the live session so if you miss a session or want to listen again you have time to do so at your pace.

Plus the following Bonuses:

BONUS 1: A Soul Gift mediation – 20 minute guided mediation

BONUS 2: 30 min 1:1 coaching/mentoring session with Robin Harris to dive deeper into your questions or situation (Value $125)

BONUS 3: $100 credit towards any coaching package at A Conscious Connection.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We work hard to put together programs of value and impact to those who choose to participate fully.  If you’ve taken the time to read through this entire offer and your heart is nudging you to join us, then we are so excited to share this program with you.  We are offering a full money-back guarantee in order to help you feel confident in taking this next step forward with us.  If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will refund your payment within the first 7 days of the program start date.

About Robin Harris

Robin has worked in small business to Fortune 500 corporate spanning retail, manufacturing, and financial sectors.  She has led small and nationwide sales teams, managed global sales enablement efforts, trained, coached and mentored individuals and groups.  It was thru her own experience, Robin learned that work/life balance isn’t really the ultimate achievement, but rather living in full connection to your truth no matter if at work or home was the ultimate way to succeed. 

Her deep exploration into personal truth has led her all over the world receiving training, sharing, healing and guidance from indigenous, shamanic, self development, spiritual, and business leaders. Robin ‘walks the talk’. She has done decades of personal development releasing limiting beliefs, healing traumas, opening to the Divine flow, and creating a miraculous life.

She is a University of Calgary Business graduate; Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC); Insight Counselling & Training graduate (former Senior Group Leader for Destiny Program). She has been trained in many different self-development, leadership and sales methodologies. She is also studied in various energy and vibrational healing modalities.  She is a student of qigong, a gifted energy and light code channel, and a practiced intuitive guide.

Robin’s journey has given her a unique ability to operate highly successfully in the business world while maintaining a deep connection to the larger flow of universal consciousness. It’s a blend that benefits both her business and personal clients globally. She has coached people in nearly a dozen different countries. Language: English.

It is her deepest wish to help set you free.

Program Curriculum

What we will explore during this 5-week program:

Week 1

  • Discover what we mean by soul purpose or destiny
  • Learn ancient tools that have been helping people live in alignment with their truth for thousands of years
  • Take a look at what commonly blocks people from knowing and living their purpose
  • Open to the belief you have the power to create your best life now

Week 2

  • Uncover your true values and passions
  • Tap into the power of your inner guidance
  • Turn the magnifying glass inward to inspect your beliefs and actions
  • Learn about the natural cycles of life and how those affect your purpose and experience

Week 3

  • Start to see the path of your soul’s journey
  • Create daily practices to support your alignment
  • Experience the vision to see the impact you are meant to make in the world
  • Explore the support of spirit to help guide your way

Week 4

  • Discovering your relationship with trust in yourself and the universe
  • Learn how to overcome fear of taking on something new
  • Make a commitment to your future of meaning and purpose
  • Explore the traps of the ego or saboteur mind that will appear along the way
  • See how to turn obstacles into opportunities

Week 5

  • How to put everything you have been learning week 1-4 into reality
  • Discover the power of personal accountability and other support
  • Take responsibility and ownership for the life you create
  • Explore how to share the love – passing it forward

Contact us if you need help with the registration process.

Still don’t know if you’re ready to join? Watch 3 – FREE mini training videos to get a taste of what some of the course will contain:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the session live or pre-recorded?

All of the sessions are being held live.  Recordings will be sent to all participants so you can view/listen at your convenience.

What if I can’t attend live – how can I get my questions answered?

You can post your questions in the private Facebook group.  We will be monitoring this group will the program is running.

What are the dates and times of the live session?

March 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7th, 2022 at 11am MST (Calgary, AB/ Denver, CO time zone)

How can I get support?

If you have any questions about accessing the course, please email us at robin@aconsciousconnection.com

I signed up but I haven’t heard anything.

Be sure to check your email junk/spam folder as sometimes emails get filtered out of your inbox there.