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Join this weekend immersion event to recalibrate your creation power to the codes of your desired future as a spiritual, cosmic, and human being in soul service to yourself and others.

January 21-22nd in Calgary AB

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“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”

Lao Tzu

Ready, Set, Go...

You are feeling the desire for clarity of who you are and what you are here to do because the Universe is waking up those meant to help bring forward a new way of living on Earth. There are things you are meant to discover about your gifts, your place in the universe, and your mission here on Earth.

There are many supporting this awakening in person and in spirit. Your job right now is to wake to the fullness of your soul self and see the truths unfolding within and around you.

Hone the skills and abilities you currently have and explore all the new ones coming on-line. All will be essential over the coming decade for yourself and to support others.

Outdated structures of being will continue to fall and the polarity between light and dark, wealthy and poor, the conscious and unconscious will strengthen. Without a strong sense of true self and clear soul path before you, it will be easy to get distracted by all the chaos as each side fights for its position. Don’t get caught in the trap. Do the work to stay conscious and in connection to your highest source. Allow old patterns, attachments and limiting beliefs to die.

The inner compass of your higher self and connection to Source is what will keep you pointed in the right direction. Especially when the right direction seems to be the opposite of what most people are choosing. You will not be fooled if you continue to do the inner work and honor your path to higher consciousness living.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Creating Consciously

Things are manifesting quicker than ever now. It doesn’t matter if you believe in your power to create your experience, it is happening. So now more than ever it is important to clear up subconscious patterning and unconscious beliefs that are creating things you’d rather not experience.

  • Is your unhealed relationship trauma attracting people who continue to deceive you?
  • Is lack of trust in yourself and others manifesting self sabotaging situations?
  • Is uncleared karmic debt within your family lineage blocking your ability to fully tap into your spiritual gifts?

Any uncleared residue will be impacting your creation power. You are a powerful creator of your life. To be a conscious one you must do the work to understand what template you are manifesting from. Only then will you be able to get the results you wish you see.

Even if you have been doing personal development work for years, there is more opening for you to clear, forgive, heal and release now. We get access to more layers within as we are ready and as the divine timing is most supportive for us. What are you ready to shift in 2023?

Ego Trap or Divine Timing

New beginnings and endings are constantly happening. Do you fear them? Do you look forward to them? It probably depends on what’s beginning and ending.

There is something called Divine Timing. In general, most people tend to ignore it. We’ve been taught to forge ahead and make thing happen, bend situations to our will, manipulate people and events to work in our favor. In energy terms, this untrue masculine way of ‘win, succeed, and survive’ at all costs is an ego tactic that keeps us stuck in a race that is rigged to fail. Where happiness and soul-fulfillment is always just out of reach.

On the flip side, many have fallen trap to apathy. ‘If it is meant to be it will happen’ attitudes have been embodied without context. In an attempt to go with the flow rather than force things to happen, many have become lazy. The ego has tricked you into justifying your lack of engagement and indecision as a spiritual way of being in the flow.

The truth is that we are meant to be in the flow and we are meant to take action. It is a balance of masculine and feminine energy working together. The true feminine energy receives the information and guidance. The true masculine energetic expression is to take action aligned with the highest good of self and others after direction is received thru intuitive source.

My Karmic Debt - New Year's Eve Release

For months now I could sense there was something blocking me from fully opening to the next level of my spiritual journey. I sat in ceremony led by Gerald Auger and he said, “it’s a man with short brown hair.” LOL Really? A man is blocking my way? I tuned in deeper.

“It’s karmic debt you’re carrying from the family lines that have broken spiritual laws in the past.”

Ahhh… the brown haired man suddenly made sense. He was the gatekeeper protecting me from repeating the mistakes many have done before me. Where dishonoring had occurred and spiritual powers misused.

Truthfully I was a little surprised to find this karmic block was even there because I’ve done such deep work over the years on healing and clearing family lineage stuff. But I realize it appeared now because I was ready for the next level of my journey. I needed to step through that door consciously and in complete integrity with the power it will bring. So I needed this piece of healing to come now so that I remember to consciously take this next step and be in alignment with all that it means

I have vowed to never fall trap to the belief that I am fully awakened and healed. I have seen this trap catch many gifted leaders, healers, prophets, and gurus. It doesn’t matter if I have seen the Truth at one time. If I have experienced moments of oneness in the past. If I have looked into the face of God. The beauty of this life is the constant unfolding that takes place on our path to complete enlightenment. Earnest seekers will experience many enlightenment moments.

I realize although that is my path, not everyone has a desire or destiny to walk to the depths I have committed. And that is also perfect as we are meant to have our own paths.

So no matter if you’re just starting on your awakening journey or been on it for a while, this weekend is meant to help you find what is next for you to know, heal and explore.

What new beginning is calling you forward now?

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they are not on your road does not mean they are lost.
Dalai Lama

In this 2 Day Immersion Event

  • Clear limiting beliefs and old patterns that are blocking your way to creating the life you desire
  • Release stored traumas and vibrational codes keeping you stuck repeating undesirable patterns
  • Untether yourself from karmic ties created by your family lineage and past life actions
  • Open to receive guidance and direction from Spirit on your highest path forward
  • Recalibrate your vibration to the codes of New Earth higher consciousness
  • Clear your creator template from any undesirable configurations limiting your creation power
  • Connect to your multi-dimensional self as a being of Earth, of the Cosmos and of Spirit.
  • Process and release stored emotions watering down your natural vibrant state
  • Experience an indigenous healing ceremony led by gifted Spiritual Leader Gerald Auger (more below)
  • Get clarity on the path ahead so you can move forward powerfully and consciously in 2023

Your Guide, Coach, Facilitator:

Robin’s system of transformation focuses on continuously making a conscious connection to who you are, in relation to others, and to the environment in which you exist.  Expansion to higher realms, other dimensions, connection to intuitive gifts and Spirit is only helpful if you learn how to use it in your physical life.  After all you came here to experience life on Earth in this body, at this time.  It is a principle she lives as a successful navigator of her own spiritual awakening while working a demanding corporate career and now as a thriving entrepreneur. She is an experienced leader, facilitator, mentor, coach, channel, and intuitive guide with decades of study in psychology, shamanism, energy medicine, quantum science, and other ancient healing arts.  The techniques she uses in group events stem from this vast knowledge and personal experience in uncovering her own soul truth and opening to gifts she is called to share with others. Read More.

“Wow! Robin’s workshop was powerful, transformative, playful and real. Robin is able to hold sacred space and powerfully lead the group through innovative games of  self discovery.  Her ability to hone in on your  blocks and resistances are laser sharp and she supports you in every way to move through these with ease and grace.  You will find Robin to be a unique leader who has a masterful presence, powerful, energetic charisma and who will move you forward on your path of transformation.” ~GilliAn

This Month's Conscious Collaborator:

Gerald Auger of Woodland Cree descent, a National Native Role Model, Spiritual Leader,   Indigenous Relations Consultant, Entrepreneur, & Award winning Director/Actor. A Graduate of Business Management specializing in Marketing/Management. In 1996/1997 Gerald was awarded the National Native Role Model Award by the Governor General of Canada. He has worked with Hollywood for over 20 years as an actor & now as a director/producer/writer.

In  2009, he walked away from it all into the wilderness. His 6 year’s in the wilderness was to heal from childhood trauma, being a product of inter-generational impact from residential schools & colonization. The sabbatical reconnected Gerald with Creator, ancestors, elders, ceremony, creation & the Original teachings. Gerald made a choice to go back to his traditional teachings and spiritual way of life, to help bridge the gap between Indigenous Peoples and the western world, so that our children & their children’s can live in a world filled with love, kindness and compassion. A prophecy that speaks to him to this day, “ There will come a time the western world will realize their values, beliefs, philosophies and way of life does not work. They will realize this when mass chaos, confusion, mayhem & destruction is rampant throughout the lands, & will go sit at the sacred fire of the Red Man to relearn life. ” Gerald has been learning the original teachings & practicing ceremony with his ancestors, ceremonial elders & traditional knowledge keepers for over 31 years.

About A Conscious Connection Workshops

  • Make heart-felt, conscious community connections in an environment that feels safe, playful, supportive, and divinely directed.
  • Experience practical, insightful, real & lasting personal transformation
  • Focus on YOUR challenges and opportunities specifically – not just general info and exercises
  • Work directly with Robin Harris over the weekend – not just other participants or team leads
  • Enjoy a supportive smaller group – we prefer not to lose you in a room full of 50+ people
  • Benefit from lots of self reflection and meaningful partner work to gain insight and deepen learning
  • Enjoy creative group exercises to embody shifts and open to what’s ready to shift next
  • Be really seen, heard, accepted, and loved for the truth of who you are
  • Fun, playful, creative, fluid, high vibration, spirited, connected

The Experience

There is something uniquely special about the group field that gets created in our weekend events.  It is not uncommon for magical things to happen, divine encounters to occur, and spontaneous healing to manifest.

You will have the opportunity to participate individually, with a partner and collectively as a group.

Robin is the founder of the Intentional Release Method. You will find what’s really needing to shift, feel into what’s needing to felt, forgive self and others, let go of all that’s no longer serving, and let love back into your being to heal and uplift. Her method may incorporate techniques like child-self integration, past life access, ancestral work, shadow & archetypes, embodiment & movement practices, spiritual connection, meditation, nature immersion, or sound therapy when suitable.

Robin works highly intuitively and in flow with the needs of the individual, the group, and the space in order to access and achieve transformation for you.

Event Details

DATE: Saturday, Jan 21 & Sunday, Jan 22, 2022

PLACE: Wildwood Community Center – Lg Hall

ADDRESS: 4411 Spruce Dr SW, Calgary AB

TIME: Saturday 9:45 am – 6:00+ pm (healing ceremony with Gerald will end with a pot luck feast) Sunday 9:45 am – 5:00 pm

Water, Coffee, Tea will be provided. 

We will break for lunch. (Not provided.)

There are lots of restaurants and fast food in the area. 

Or bring your own

Traditional Healing Ceremony

A healing ceremony is an essential part of traditional healing practices which recognizes body, mind and spiritual health are all connected and therefore must be healed together. Gerald acknowledges healing must be brought to people of all types of ancestral descent in order to create a better future for us all. He welcomes all those sincerely seeking to heal and awaken to join in ceremony. Ceremonies can include prayer, chants, drumming, songs, stories, and the use of a variety of sacred objects in connection with the Ancestors, Spirit, the Creator and the Universal Beings of Light.

This event is for you if

  • Want to feel more supported and guided to move forward and make decisions
  • You’re open to experiencing your multi-dimensional self
  • You’re open to receiving messages and guidance from Spirit
  • Desire practical tools and information to use beyond the workshop
  • Want to live a higher vibrational life
  • You’re seeking soul level connections with others
  • Desire healing and awakening experiences
  • Accepting of diverse cultures, practices, and people
  • You enjoy wholistic experiences of mind, body and spirit
  • You desire insightful aha moments and deep and powerful shifts
  • You are 18+ years of age

This event is not for you

  • You don’t like participating in experiential learning
  • You’re just seeking entertainment for the weekend
  • You aren’t open to energy work or the spiritual dimensions
  • You’re not comfortable in a mask-free environment (literally and figuratively)

“…an insightful and transformational weekend.  The shift of awareness and healing of past perceptions truly helped me step into an ability I was anxious about and stalled for the next step.” 


…heart opening, playful and magic was in the air! “


“I was able to open and step into an area of my true gifts and power that I hadn’t been able to reach in a decade of work!” 


“Robin is amazing. She facilitated workshops with ease and creates an open and welcoming environment for much learning and spiritual growth. I always leave with at least one, and usually more, “aha” moments.”


“The love that Robin shares is palpable. The workshop helped me get past my defenses, explore the possibilities available, see past the ego and support my inner child. Thank you for helping me become a better person, friend, family member and human.”


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New Beginnings - Weekend Immersion Event Jan 21-22

New Beginnings - Weekend Immersion Event Jan 21-22


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Special Notice

This weekend event is part of the Walking the P.A.T.H comprehensive 9-month online and in-person program that allows participants to deepen their journey into purpose, awareness, truth and healing.  You do not need to be a P.A.T.H member in order to attend this workshop.  To find out more about Walking the P.A.T.H click here. Registration now open for current semester running January thru May 2023.