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Join this workshop to strengthen your ability to receive and understand the messages of your higher self, guides, angels, ancestors and other divine beings so you can more clearly make the right choices and walk forward with confidence in your life.

May 25-26th in Calgary AB

(Saturday only is available)

Dear Answer Seeker,

How many times have you brushed something off as coincidence? 

I used to do that too, but now I personally don’t believe in coincidence anymore. 

We are constantly receiving signs and messages from our higher self, our guides, our ancestors, from God, Creator, Source, from the Universe.  Sometimes we get physical signs like feathers and number sequences like 11:11 or 555.  Other times they come in more abstract form, or as words or images – perhaps thru other people, or even in our dreams. 

I’ve realized in working with hundreds of people over that past decade that many don’t trust the signs they’re receiving.  They don’t trust their own intuition and are quick to discount the messages they receive from Spirit. 

Living life disconnected from your own intuition, your higher self and the from the guides and beings supporting you, makes things harder and lonelier than they need to be.  Why choose a path tougher than what was intended for your life?  I mean, if you’re given a lawn mower to cut the grass, would you choose to go out there with a pair of scissors instead?  Of course not.  So why not use the tools you’ve given to be receive divine downloads, healing, and direction to make your life easier.

Perhaps it’s an old limiting belief that life has to be hard that keeps you stuck.  Or maybe it’s a fear of the unknown that compels you to keep a silencer to all the help from Spirit wanting to guide you to the best decision.

You may have done some work to tap into your intuition and strengthen your connection to your guides, but it’s also important to look at what is impeding those messages.  You see, we get downloads all the time but when your energy channels are congested, the messages can be hard to receive and interpret.  You need to clear out fear, doubt, and old limiting beliefs. Restore faith and trust in something higher than the ego mind that loudly misleads most people’s way through life.

Intuition is something you can strengthen.  Connection to the guides and spirits that work with you is something that can be learned and trusted.  Faith is something that can be fostered.  Dreams are something you can learn to interpret. 

I can now say that my life is fully guided which is why I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. I believe in signs.  When I feel stuck, need an answer, or support I tune into my higher self and ask Spirit for help.  I trust that it will be provided.  And it is.  Oh and here’s the kicker:  You always have free will to choose whether you listen to what’s being provided.  The rebel in me used to like to test Spirit’s advice and when I did, I’d usually end up in a predicament of sorts.  Stuck in traffic.  A fall down the stairs.  A burn on my arm.  A blow up in a relationship. A challenge with a work project.  I’ve retired that rebel now since it’s proven not to serve my best interests and you can too.

I invite you to join us for a divinely guided weekend full of opportunities uniquely manifesting for you.  You can attend one or both days to really dive deep into the transformation possibilities.

Your most divine, joyous, connected life is waiting for you. 

Come receive it.

In Conscious Connection,


“Angels speak to those who silence their minds long enough to hear.”


Ignite Your Intuition

Do you wish you could trust your intuition to make better decisions? Do you want to receive guidance to understand your path with more clarity? Do you desire divine downloads to upgrade your body and experience? We are always being supported and guided. More than most people realize. There are messages from your Higher Self and Spirit waiting to be received by you. Some call intuition a gut feeling or a tug of their heart. Others consider it a spontaneous knowing. Some feel it is the voice of their Higher Self or other guidance from Spirit.

Life is filled with much more than what your eyes see, your ears hear, your hands touch in the physical world.  Everyone is capable of receiving healing, awakening, and messages from the Source of Truth.  It can come as energy, light coding, and in other forms.  It can be received in your waking and dreaming states.

Like any muscle, you can strengthen your intuitive power.  We all have it.  Some are just more naturally attuned to it than others.  But like any muscle in the body, you can train to give it more strength and flexibility.  You can learn to hear your intuition. You can learn to use the dreamscape to receive messages.  You can heal the doubt and mistrust in your mind to open to the daily guidance available from Spirit.

“Intuition is the language of the soul."

The Veil is Thinning

There is a shift happening that is causing the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds to thin. And as our access to the other side grows it is important we learn to use our 6th sense more intentionally. These skills will become an essential part of living with ease and grace in the new earth we are creating. Using our own higher self intuitive guidance and tapping into the spirit world for support will become as common and essential as it now is to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Where are these messages coming from? They could be from your guides, your higher self, angels, ascended masters, future aspects of you, Source, God, Creator, ancestors, or others. The key to receiving supportive guidance is to always ask for what’s in your highest good and the highest good of all. To also choose to only connect with higher vibrational beings of love and light who have your best interest at heart.

Divine Timing

We are never given the whole picture at once. We are however given steps to take along the way that will lead us to where we are meant to be. Perhaps its an answer to a relationship challenge or a work situation. Maybe it’s a nudge towards your purpose thru passion exploration. It may be wisdom about part of the healing process you’re going through. Each of those pieces of the puzzle when followed move us closer to completing our destiny. The Universe has an interest in helping us achieve this because it is through our individual experiences that universal consciousness as a whole is able to evolve.

"The time is now."
Pleiadian Activation

In this 2 Day Immersion Event

  • Clear the limiting beliefs and old patterns that dampen your ability to receive and trust messages from your Higher Self and Spirit
  • Boost your faith in yourself and the benevolent beings that support you so you can believe in the guidance you’re receiving
  • Increase your intuition and energy awareness so you stop missing the signs as they’re given
  • Receive guidance on how to heal yourself, your relationships, and your life overall
  • Raise your vibration and tune to frequencies where Spirit can reach you
  • Gain confidence in distinguishing the differencing between your ego vs your higher self guidance so can stop double guessing yourself
  • Get clarity on questions and decisions you’ve been struggling with so you can move forward with conviction this year

Your Guide, Coach, Facilitator:

Robin’s system of transformation focuses on continuously making a conscious connection to who you are, in relation to others, and to the environment in which you exist.  Expansion to higher realms, other dimensions, connection to intuitive gifts and Spirit is only helpful if you learn how to use it in your physical life.  After all you came here to experience life on Earth in this body, at this time.  It is a principle she lives as a successful navigator of her own spiritual awakening while working a demanding corporate career and now as a thriving entrepreneur.

She is an experienced leader, facilitator, mentor, coach, channel, and intuitive guide with decades of study in psychology, shamanism, energy medicine, quantum science, and other ancient healing arts.  The techniques she uses in group events stem from this vast knowledge and personal experience in uncovering her own soul truth and opening to gifts she is called to share with others. Read More.

“Wow! Robin’s workshop was powerful, transformative, playful and real. Robin is able to hold sacred space and powerfully lead the group through innovative games of  self discovery.  Her ability to hone in on your  blocks and resistances are laser sharp and she supports you in every way to move through these with ease and grace.  You will find Robin to be a unique leader who has a masterful presence, powerful, energetic charisma and who will move you forward on your path of transformation.” ~GilliAn

About A Conscious Connection Workshops

  • Make heart-felt, conscious community connections in an environment that feels safe, playful, supportive, and divinely directed.
  • Experience practical, insightful, real & lasting personal transformation
  • Focus on YOUR challenges and opportunities specifically – not just general info and exercises
  • Work directly with Robin Harris over the weekend – not just other participants or team leads
  • Enjoy a supportive smaller group – we prefer not to lose you in a room full of people
  • Benefit from lots of self reflection and meaningful partner work to gain insight and deepen learning
  • Enjoy creative group exercises to embody shifts and open to what’s ready to shift next
  • Be really seen, heard, accepted, and loved for the truth of who you are
  • Fun, playful, creative, fluid, high vibration, spirited, connected

The Experience

There is something uniquely special about the group field that gets created in our weekend events.  It is not uncommon for magical things to happen, divine encounters to occur, and spontaneous healing to manifest.

You will have the opportunity to participate individually, with a partner and collectively as a group.

Robin is the founder of the Intentional Release Method. You will find what’s really needing to shift, feel into what’s needing to felt, forgive self and others, let go of all that’s no longer serving, and let love back into your being to heal and uplift. Her method may incorporate techniques like child-self integration, past life access, ancestral work, shadow & archetypes, embodiment & movement practices, spiritual connection, meditation, nature immersion, or sound therapy when suitable.

Robin works highly intuitively and in flow with the needs of the individual, the group, and the space in order to access and achieve transformation for you.

Event Details

DATE: Saturday, May 25 – Sunday May 26th, 2024 (Saturday only participation is available)

PLACE: Wildwood Community Center – Lg Hall

ADDRESS: 4411 Spruce Dr SW, Calgary AB

TIME:  9:30 am – 5:00 pm (Arrive by 9:20am)

Water, Coffee, Tea will be provided. 

We will break for lunch. (Not provided – bring your own)

This event is for you if

  • Want to feel more supported and guided to move forward and make decisions
  • You’re open to experiencing your multi-dimensional self
  • You’re open to receiving messages and guidance from Spirit
  • Desire practical tools and information to use beyond the workshop
  • Want to live a higher vibrational life
  • You’re seeking soul level connections with others
  • Desire healing and awakening experiences
  • Accepting of diverse cultures, practices, and people
  • You enjoy wholistic experiences of mind, body and spirit
  • You desire insightful aha moments and deep and powerful shifts
  • You are 18+ years of age

This event is not for you

  • You don’t like participating in experiential learning
  • You’re just seeking entertainment for the weekend
  • You aren’t open to energy work or the spiritual dimensions
  • You’re not comfortable in a mask-free environment (literally and figuratively)


“Awesome coaching and leadership for an insightful and transformational weekend.  The shift of awareness and healing of past perceptions truly helped me step into an ability I was anxious about and stalled for the next step.  The next step I received was the empowerment and new belief of accepting the ability and taking it to action.  Thank you so much for the opportunity of connection to an aspect of my self and gifts with confidence ” ~ KB

“I have experienced a massive & pivotal shift during this extraordinary weekend. With Robin’s help, I now have clarity on the direction I am headed. I am so excited! I feel empowered & magnificent! Thank you Robin! I am forever grateful.” ~Mary

“Robin is amazing. She facilitated workshops with ease and creates an open and welcoming environment for much learning and spiritual growth. I always leave with at least one, and usually more, “aha” moments.” ~ Shirley

“The love that Robin shares is palpable. The workshop helped me get past my defenses, explore the possibilities available, see past the ego and support my inner child. Thank you for helping me become a better person, friend, family member and human.” ~ Greg

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Divine Connections & Confident Choices (Full Weekend)

Divine Connections & Confident Choices (Full Weekend)


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Divine Connections & Confident Choices (Saturday Only)

Divine Connections & Confident Choices (Saturday Only)


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